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BotW memory locations - complete the Captured Memories quest

There is so much to do in the latest Zelda that it’s easy to forget about the side quests. Get Captured Memories done quick with our BotW memory locations guide

On the right, Zelda from BotW, looking serious and sad. In the middle, Link from BotW, looking serious. On the left, Zelda's dad, looking sad.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild continues to capture peoples’ imaginations even after all these years. It is a masterpiece in open-world design that pushed the medium forward light-years. It was, by far, the best way to launch the Nintendo Switch.

There’s also an unbelievable number of things to do. There are hundreds of Korok seeds to collect, more than a hundred shrines to solve, dozens of side quests, and on top of all of that, there is a world-ending threat looming. So, it can all get a bit overwhelming. Therefore, If you want a hand with BotW memory locations to complete one of the side quests, Captured Memories, we can make your life in Hyrule a bit easier.

Captured Memories is one of the best side quests to complete in BotW, as it shows you cutscenes depicting the calamity one hundred years ago. It’s a lovely insight into the underrated story of the game. For more assistance on your adventure, check out our BotW recipe book to cook up some tasty concoctions, or our Zelda BotW map guide to make sure you actually know where you’re going.


BotW memory locations

Here’s every memory location and how to get there. It’s much easier to get them all once you’ve activated all the Sheikah towers and a handful of shrines.

The Sacred Ground Ruins memory location on a map from BotW.

Sacred Ground Ruins

The first memory isn’t too easy. Warp to the Central Tower and glide down to the northeast towards the Sacred Ground Ruins, and the memory location will be right in the middle. Just be wary of some wandering guardians ready to attack you

The Lake Kolomo memory location on a map from BotW.

Lake Kolomo

For the second memory, just warp to the Great Plateau Tower and glide north towards the west bank of Lake Kolomo. The memory location is nestled in a group of trees at the end of a path.

The Ancient Columns memory location on a map from BotW.

Ancient Columns

For memory three, the nearest tower is Tabantha Tower, but if you’ve unlocked Tena Ko’sah Shrine to the south of the tower, you can just warp there and you’re a few feet from the memory. If not, glide from the tower southwards towards Ancient Columns.

The Kara Kara Bazaar memory location on a map from BotW.

Kara Kara Bazaar

It’s pretty easy to get to Kara Kara Bazaar from the Wasteland Tower, even though there are shrines closer to memory four. Just warp to the tower and glide west for a little while and you’ll come to a little oasis with a tall, stony building. The memory location is opposite that building, on the other side of the water.

The Eldin Canyon memory location on a map from BotW.

Eldin Canyon

Unless you have heat-resistant armour, I recommend going from the Woodland Tower and gliding as far east as you can, then climbing the rest of the way. If you do have heat-resistant armour, you can glide west from Eldin Tower and it’s a little quicker.

The Irch Plain memory location on a map from BotW.

Irch Plain

Northeast of the Ridgeland Tower, near the centre of Hyrule, is Irch Plain. Head that way and you’ll come to a small patch of water. Nearby, there’s some raised turf where you can find memory six.

The West Necluda memory location on a map from BotW.

West Necluda

If you’ve unlocked Bosh Kala Shrine, head there and travel across the river and then north along the bank to get to memory seven. If not, head to the Great Plateau Tower and glide west, climb over Scout’s Hill, and glide across the river to get to the memory right by Deya Lake.

The Hyrule Castle memory location on a map from BotW.

Hyrule Castle

Probably the hardest one to get, memory eight is actually in the final part of the game, although you can sneak there. Either from the Woodland Tower or Monya Toma shrine, head towards the back of Hyrule Castle, glide over the moat, and make your way towards Zelda’s study. It’s quite high up, so be ready for a climb.

The Spring of Power memory location on a map from BotW.

Spring of Power

The nearest tower to memory nine is quite far away from it. From Akkala tower, head north-northwest towards the Spring of Power. If you’ve unlocked the Katosa Aug shrine, warp there, grab a horse from East Akkala stable and ride west until you reach the memory location.

The Sanidin Park Ruins memory location on a map from BotW.

Sanidin Park Ruins

For memory ten, warp to the Central Tower and glide west over Mount Daphnes and the Regencia River. Just a little way from the bank are the Sanidin Park Ruins. Head to the edge of the semi-circle platform to find the memory location.

The Lanayru Road memory location on a map from BotW.

Lanaryu Road – East Gate

The nearest tower for memory eleven is Hateno Tower, but it is quite far away. If that’s the only place you can warp to, head there and make your way north towards the location above. If you’ve unlocked the Kam Urog shrine that makes the journey shorter – just head northeast. If you have the Jutan Sa’mi shrine atop Mount Lanaryu, that’s better yet, as you can just glide west all the way down to the location.

The Hyrule Field memory location on a map from BotW.

Hyrule Field

You can glide north from Dueling Peaks Tower to get to this memory spot, but it’s much quicker to go to the Kaya Wan shrine, grab a horse from the Wetland stable, ride over the nearby bridge and then follow the riverbank south to get one of my favourite memories in the whole game.

The Blatchery Plain memory location on a map from BotW.

Blatchery Plain

Hey, look! A secret memory. After you’ve got all twelve memories, head to Impa in Kakariko Village and have a chat. She will show you a picture frame with the final memory location. To get there, head to the Ha Dahamar Shrine, grab a horse from the Dueling peaks stable and ride west until you reach the spot.

That’s all the BotW memory locations. Hopefully, you enjoyed the insight into Zelda and Link’s relationship. For even more details, check out our BotW Zelda and BotW Link guides to get all the info you need for the BotW sequel.