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Bravely Default 2 jobs - every available class

A list of every Bravely Default 2 job

Bravely Default 2 is the latest in the JRPG series, now with stunning visuals on top of it’s classic turn-based combat system. If you’ve played the original, you’ll know choosing the right job is an important part of the game, as your choice can affect your character’s base stats, and help or hinder you in battle.

With 24 jobs in total, choosing one is a pretty daunting task. Well, that’s where we come in! Our Bravely Default 2 jobs guide will provide you with information on every available class, including the optional and secret ones. We will also add details on each of the skills you receive as you level up your character over time.

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The freelancer job screen in Bravely Default 2


  • How to unlock: unlocked by default

This job class has some pretty handy abilities to help you with your early game adventuring. 

The black mage job screen in Bravely Default 2

Black Mage

  • How to unlock: unlock after Elvis joins your party 

As the name suggests, this job focuses on black magic and gives you a huge range of different offensive spells to use.

The white mage job screen in Bravely Default 2

White Mage

  • How to unlock: defeat Selene and Dag

The white mage is a valuable asset to the party as they use restorative magic to help keep your team alive.

The vanguard job screen in Bravely Default 2


  • How to unlock: defeat Selene and Dag

This job class works well as a tank, as they can pull attention from foes, and dish out some pretty heavy damage with the right weapon. 

The monk job screen in Bravely Default 2


  • How to unlock: defeat Horten

This class is an amazing damage dealer and uses their fists to fight. You can also utilise their healing abilities to make the monk a decent all-rounder. 

A bard in front a blue flaming background


  • How to unlock: defeat Orpheus

Bards are handy to have around for their helpful buffs that can boost your team or cripple your enemies. If a tough boss is getting you down, whip out the bard to help you win.

A beastmaster and a huge snake


  • How to unlock: defeat Anihal

If you love taming cute animals and using them to take on your enemies, this is the job for you. The beastmaster can dish out damage as well as perform some handy buffs and debuffs.

The thief job screen in Bravely Default 2


  • How to unlock: defeat Bernard

Thieves are fast and can steal various items and abilities from enemies, as well as perform fairly powerful physical attacks.

A berserker in front a blue flaming background


  • How to unlock: defeat Prince Castor

Berserkers may be slow, but their attacks are a force to be reckoned with.

A red mage in front a blue flaming background

Red Mage

  • How to unlock: defeat Roddy

The red mage is a versatile job that combines some of the best aspects from the white and black mage jobs, while also applying numerous status effects.

A ranger in front a blue flaming background


  • How to unlock: defeat Lily

This job class is fast meaning you can deal a fair amount of damage quickly. 

A shieldmaster in front a blue flaming background


  • How to unlock: defeat Galahad

As the name suggests, shieldmasters can take a lot of damage, making them outstanding tanks. They’re slow to attack, but the ailments they inflict last a decent amount of time.

A pictomancer standing in front of some art


  • How to unlock: defeat Folie 

This job uses abilities that debuff enemies to assist other party members in taking down tough foes. 

A dragoon in front a blue flaming background


  • How to unlock: defeat Martha

Dragoons can jump out of the way of strong attacks before unleashing a powerful surprise attack from mid-air. 

An image of a spiritmaster in a book


  • How to unlock: defeat Helio and Gladys

This class is the best healing job in Bravely Default 2, they summon spirits to heal HP, MP, and much more.

A character is shown equipping the Sword master ability, while a block of text explains it's abilities


  • How to unlock: defeat Helio and Gladys

Swordmasters can dish out a lot of physical attack damage and inflict some strong counters.

A player is shown with the job Oracle equipped, as well as different stats and abilities being displayed on a menu


  • How to unlock: defeat Domenic

This job class is essentially a time mage that uses different abilities to speed up allies or slow down enemies. 

An arcanist in front a blue flaming background


  • How to unlock: defeat Vigintio

This job utilises powerful magic attacks to heavily damage enemies. Some of their abilities can be self-damaging, which is hard to get used to.

An image of a bastion in a book


  • How to unlock: defeat Lonsdale

The bastion is another tank class that uses barriers to protect the entire party from damage.

An image of a phantom in a book


  • How to unlock: defeat Marla

Phantoms are a speedy job class that use multi-hit attacks and can inflict numerous critical hits. 

An image of a hellblade in a book


  • How to unlock: defeat Adam 

This job can dish out some devastating damage and has a skill that allows them to surpass the 9999 damage limit. 

A gambler in front a blue flaming background

Gambler (optional) 

  • How to unlock: complete the ‘Taking a Gamble’ quest and defeat Shirley

Surprisingly, gamblers can dish out some pretty strong attacks. Less surprisingly, they can help you generate a lot of extra cash.

A salve-maker in front a blue flaming background

Salve-Maker (optional)

  • How to unlock: complete the ‘Glynn Awakens’ side-quest in Enderno, this is available from the start of chapter three. 

The salve-maker mixes items to create various different effects.

An image of a bravebearer in a book


  • How to unlock: After obtaining the second ending, load new game + and go to chapter six, from there, head to the grave found on the rock pass between Halcyonia and Savalon. When there, you must fight the Hero of Light in their prime to unlock the bravebearer. 

The bravebearer is one of, if not the best job in the game and can assist you in taking down enemies with ease.

There you have it! That’s every available Bravely Default 2 job. If you’ve managed to obtain every job already, take a look at our list of the biggest new Switch games of 2021 to find something new to play.