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Classic MMORPG modernized for mobile with Cabal: Return of Action beta

The Cabal: Return of Action beta gives you the chance to explore the newest branch of the Cabal Online franchise on your favorite mobile device.

Cabal Return of Action beta: A screenshot of a character riding a bird that resembles a small chocobo wearing armor with flamingn wings on an ice battlefield

ESTsoft Inc is bringing the world of Cabal Online to mobile with the Cabal: Return of Action beta for iOS and Android. The free-to-play title combines the best of mobile MMORPGs with the 15-year legacy of Cabal Online to create a beautiful and complex experience.

Cabal: Return of Action takes place in Nevareth, a realm plunged into chaos by the return of evil forces after a millennium of peace. You must work to defeat this ancient evil by playing as one of eight fantasy classes with almost limitless build combinations. Not only can you customize your weapons and armor loadout, but your pets and mounts too.

As well as playing for the glory of victory against dark forces, you can earn achievements, skill ranks, and honor ranks by showing off your skills in combat. Cabal: Return of Action’s combat system requires quick reflexes, precise timing, and masterful use of combos to get the best out of your character’s abilities.

There are plenty of ways to play, from hundreds of quests and dungeons to intense PvP battles with friends. This mobile iteration of the Cabal franchise also adds features like auto battle, auto quest, and auto dungeon to allow for passive gameplay while you’re focused on other tasks.

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When is the Cabal: Return of Action beta?

The Cabal: Return of Action beta runs from August 3 – 6, 2023, on iOS and Android. You can pre-register on the game’s official website to guarantee your spot on the first trip to Nevareth!

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