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Go on a fool’s errand in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4

Call of Duty: Mobile Fool’s Gold introduces the dropkick game mode, challenging you to defend yourself with nothing more than a pistol.

Call of Duty: Mobile Fool's Gold key art showing multiple soldiers near some ruins in the jungle holding gold weapons

Call of Duty: Mobile Fool’s Gold is the fourth season in the mobile game this year, and while it promises untold treasures, you’d be a fool to rush in and not think that there are some consequences to your actions. As with every other season, you can look forward to new content through events, battle passes, and even a new game mode.

The goodies in the free battle pass include the MG42 LMG, a rapid-fire light machine that boasts an impressive capacity for ammo, making it the perfect choice if you need something that can suppress your enemy. The RC-XD scorestreak is also up for grabs, and it just so happens to be one of my favorites – controlling that little remote car and watching it explode upon collision never gets old. It’s things like this that make CoD one of the best mobile shooters.

As for the premium goodies, not only can you get the aforementioned goodies, but you can also unlock some operator skins, receive an assortment of blueprints for powerful weapons such as the FR.556 and Arctic.50, and some Call of Duty points.

Dropkick is the new multiplayer game mode, and fans of the mainline games are likely more than aware of what to expect from this match type. Your team and the enemy go to war over a suitcase, the longer you or your teammate holds the suitcase, the more points you get. You do need to be careful, for when your team is in possession of the briefcase, you don’t respawn upon death until the suitcase changes hands to the opposing team.

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Oh, and if you happen to be the one holding the briefcase, you can only use a pistol to defend yourself. You can’t event hide as the game broadcasts your location. Good luck, you’re going to need it. Besides the new game mode, there’s a new basic multiplayer setting in the form of a health bar display. If you toggle it on, you can see the health of your teammates.

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