Call of Duty Mobile update: Season 8 lets you play as a walking tank

Get all you need to know in our Call of Duty update guide

First-person shooters are ever-evolving creatures, always adding new features, strange modes, shed-loads of guns, and all the cosmetics you need to decorate them. Call of Duty: Mobile is no different – every season brings fresh content to the game, such as season seven’s new characters, or season six’s cowboy zombie stylings.

So this is why we’ve decided to write a Call of Duty: Mobile update guide, to help you keep track of all the biggest changes coming to the ever chaotic shooter. Whether we’re talking about skins, new modes, guns, characters, or quality of life improvements, we’re going to break them all down for you.

That way, you can sit back and enjoy what Call of Duty: Mobile has to offer without having to worry about changes and tweaks. After all, that’s what gaming’s all about! Season 8 launches soon and has some pretty exciting inclusions, such as a new mode where you effectively pilot a one-man tank, and as well as the reveal that season 8 is going to be known as ‘The Forge’.

here’s all the latest call of duty mobile updates:

cod mobile patch notes

There’s a lot of new stuff detail in Season 8’s COD Mobile patch notes, and here’s what we know:

  • Highrise, the much-loved map from Modern Warfare 2 is making its way to Call of Duty: Mobile in Season 8
  • There is a new area on the Isolated map which you can enter through Black Market
  • The new Juggernaut mode lets you play as an armoured super-soldier, who everyone else on the map has to kill – playable on Highrise, Rust, Nuketown, Crash, Killhouse, and Cage
  • There is a new operator skill called Katana, allowing you to quickly kill enemies at close range, and detect them through smoke
  • There is a new perk, Quick Fix, allowing you to regenerate health through gun kills, melee kills, and holding objectives

There are also plenty of new Premium Battle Pass rewards:

  • Skins for Reaper, Kreuger, David Wilkes, and Tank Dempsey
  • The DR-H Chained and AK117 – Kit Bag are new epic weapons
  • Living Rust themed weapons
  • Camo for the Tank vehicle
  • DR-H. Assault Rifle is a new base weapon
  • Shrapnel is a new perk which lets you start with an extra piece of lethal equipment. Explosive damage also delays enemy health regeneration

cod mobile season 8 release date: when does the forge arrive?

Currently, the COD Mobile Season 8 release date is this Saturday, July 11. Though some of the patch notes have already leaked, that’s when all of the changes that we’ve discussed are making their way into the game.

COD MOBILE SEASON 8: Juggernaut mode lets you play as a one-man tank

Though the new season isn’t supposed to drop until Saturday, as is usually the case, some of the COD Mobile Season 8 patch notes got leaked. While there’s a lot of exciting stuff in there, our favourite of the newest additions is definitely Juggernaut mode.

Honestly, what’s not to love about stomping around the battlefield like Mark I Iron Man, blasting away your foes with a mini-gun? There’s also a cool infection mode-esque feature that means whoever kills the Juggernaut, becomes the Juggernaut – it never ends!

If you want to play the game, be sure to check out our Call of Duty: mobile tips guide. You can also download the game on Google Play and the App Store. And remember, Season 8 starts on July 11.

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