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Alleged CoD: Project Aurora system requirements are in the wild

A leak has hit the internet that details the alleged Call of Duty: Project Aurora system requirements, though there’s no official word from Activision

A soldier from Call of duty Mobile

When it comes to certain mobile games, you need to at least meet minimum requirements in order to play, and, unsurprisingly, Call of Duty: Project Aurora is no different, thanks to recent leaks, we know what the potential requirements are to play what many assume to officially be Warzone Mobile, though Activision itself is yet to confirm that this is the case.

The leak comes courtesy of the Warzone Mobile Info and Updates Twitter account. Of course, as with any leak, it’s vital that you take this with a pinch of salt, as there’s no guarantee on the minimum and recommended specs actually are until Activision divulges that information. Nonetheless, there are Call of Duty Project Aurora system requirements leaks in the wild.

Given Project Aurora seems to be a relatively big game, and is of the shooter variety, the leaks could be reliable as they do state that for Android, you at least need an Android 10 operating system, while if you’re an iPhone user, you need to use at least iOS 11, and if you just look at the specs for games like Call of Duty: Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile, the alleged requirements do seem plausible.

Warzone Mobile Android requirements speculation

According to the leaks, you need the following for Android:

  • An operating system of Android 10
  • 4GB RAM
  • Soc needs to be Snapdragon 730G, Hisilicon Kirin 1000, Mediatek Helio G98, Exynos 2100
  • At least 4GB free in space

For the best experience possible, the alleged Android recommendations are:

  • Soc needs to be Snapdragon 865, Hisilicon Kirin 1100, MediaTek Dimensity 700u, or better
  • You need at least 6GB of RAM

Warzone Mobile iOS requirements speculation

According to the leaks, you need the following for iOS:

  • Your soc must be at least Apple A10
  • You need 2GB RAM
  • At least iOS 11 as your operating system
  • 4GB in storage space

For the best experience possible, the alleged iOS recommendations are:

  • Your soc should be Apple A11 or higher
  • Preferably more than 2GB RAM
  • iOS 12 or higher for your operating system
  • At least 6GB in storage space

Of course, Project Aurora is still top secret, and few players can play it right now, so make sure you check out our list of the best mobile shooters to find something else to keep you busy while we await its release.