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The best Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile guns and weapons

If you’re looking for the best Warzone Mobile guns right now, this useful guide has you covered ahead of your next battle royale win on Android or iOS.

Screenshot of an operator with an assault rifle for guide to the best Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile guns

Whether you’re a Verdansk veteran or a fresh face, knowing which of the best Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile guns you should be searching for when you’re looting will be vital as you vie for victory in this unique mobile shooter. Not sure which weapons are worthwhile, though? Well, fear not, for you’re in the right place.

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Anyway, let’s get down to brass tacks and talk about all the best Warzone Mobile guns to use in your next game.

Screenshot for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile best weapons guide showing the MCW


If you’re looking for a reliable all-rounder, the MCW should be your first port of call in Warzone Mobile. This ACR-inspired assault rifle offers consistent damage output, a manageable recoil pattern, and decent mobility for the firepower. Whether you’re hunting enemies darting across the Donetsk Airport runway or pushing into the central Hospital POI, the MCW handles close-range combat and long-range threats equally efficiently.

The perfect place to start when you create your first few custom classes, this AR pairs well with almost everything and offers you a versatile full-auto option fantastic for Battle Royale, Resurgence, and Multiplayer.

If you don’t have access to this weapon yet, you’ll be pleased to know that you unlock it at Level 44 when climbing the Warzone Mobile ranks. That may take you some time, but it’ll be worth it.

Screenshot for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile best weapons guide showing the RAM-7


A returning fan favorite from 2019’s Modern Warfare and the original iteration of Call of Duty: Warzone, the RAM-7 is a fantastic option for aggressive playstyles in Warzone Mobile. Described in-game as an “exceptionally compact bullpup assault rifle” with a “lightweight, polymer frame,” this entry on our list of the best Warzone Mobile guns offers fantastic mobility – rivaling some of the harder-hitting submachine guns available – and a fast fire rate perfect for pushing enemy squads.

It lacks a little in range, but it packs a punch in close-quarters combat that’s hard to ignore. A build focusing on improving the damage range and recoil during periods of sustained fire will help you make the most of the RAM-7.

Screenshot for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile best weapons guide showing the MTZ 762


Even as the best battle rifle in Warzone Mobile right now, the MTZ-762 is a weapon that can take a little getting used to. It deals devastating damage at a distance but also has an erratic recoil pattern in its full-auto firing mode. And, on top of that, when you consider that it’s slower than your average assault rifle when it comes to both mobility and fire rate – and it only comes with 20 rounds in a magazine – you need the right build to take full advantage of this gun.

However, equipping an extended magazine and recoil control-focused attachments transforms this unwieldy beast into one of the hardest-hitting full-auto options in-game.

Screenshot for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile best weapons guide showing the Striker


Even in the first Modern Warfare 3 beta, the Striker was a submachine gun worth using; thankfully, that fact remains true in Warzone Mobile – despite the SMG going through several balancing updates. One of the harder-hitting SMG options with very manageable recoil during periods of sustained fire, the only real downfall of the Striker is the fact that it’s not the most mobile submachine gun available – meaning that this is one area you should look to improve with your attachment build.

Increase ADS speed and sprint-to-fire speed, though, and you’ll find yourself with a fantastic close-to-mid-range option that should help you survive firefights in Storage Town and Stadium alike.

Screenshot for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile best weapons guide showing the Striker 9

Striker 9

Despite sharing a name and similar visual design cues, the Striker 9 couldn’t be more different from the Striker. Where the Striker is slower and decent at a distance, the Striker 9 is faster and more furious in close-quarters combat. Thanks to its faster fire rate, it boasts one of the highest TTK stats in class.

The Striker 9 also maintains the Striker’s above-average damage range and offers improved mobility. Equipped with attachments that bolster recoil control, this SMG should get you out of most sticky situations. However, it’s best when used as a close-range accompaniment to a weapon better suited to long-range firefights.

Screenshot for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile best weapons guide showing the WSP 9


If you’re after more mobility, but the Striker 9 is a little too unwieldy, the WSP-9 is a submachine gun worth trying. It’s one of the slowest-firing SMG options in Warzone Mobile, which does mean its TTK stat leaves something to be desired.

However, it offers naturally improved handling, a manageable recoil pattern, and one of the best damage range stats in its class. This pick is perfect for cautious players who enjoy the movement speed of a submachine gun but not the pressure to push opponents faster-firing weapons often bring.

Screenshot for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile best weapons guide showing the Pulemyot 762

Pulemyot 762

When you want to deal damage, the Pulemyot 762 is second to none and has no trouble cracking armor plates at almost any distance. However, the impressive raw firepower this light machine gun offers comes at a cost; that’s something you need to remain acutely aware of while playing. The Pulemyot 762, like most LMG options, is slow – very, very slow.

So, even with mobility-enhancing attachments, you will struggle to push into enemy-infested interiors with this equipped. However, focusing on improving this weapon’s accuracy stat and recoil control will mean you can mow down any enemies that stumble into sight from a safe distance.

Screenshot for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile best weapons guide showing the Buren MK9

Bruen MK9

If you enjoy the power a light machine gun offers, but the Pulemyot 762 isn’t clicking for you, then the Bruen MK9 is another option worth using from our list of the best Warzone Mobile guns. A lighter LMG with a faster fire rate, what this weapon lacks in raw damage output it makes up for in mobility and accuracy during sustained fire.

With the right attachments, it’s a laser beam at mid-to-long ranges and the perfect primary weapon to pick if you’re looking to punish your enemies in open ground. The Bruen MK9 is a light machine gun, though, so you’ll need to take extra care in close quarters – as fast as you might feel, an assault rifle or submachine gun will almost always be quicker.

If you want to know exactly how to make the most of this LMG, you can find a fantastic build among our selection of the best Warzone Mobile loadouts here.

Screenshot for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile best weapons guide showing the XRK Stalker

XRK Stalker

Sniper rifles may not be the most versatile weapon type in Warzone Mobile, but Verdansk’s unique mix of tall buildings and open areas makes having a reliable one to hand always worthwhile. And, of the sniper rifle options available, the XRK Stalker is the best – primarily due to its one-shot ability and superior projectile velocity.

When within range, which is about 50 meters without attachments, this sniper rifle can consistently one-shot down enemies while offering you the mobility to reposition quickly. In a battle royale mode, where you need to adjust your map position often, this unique balance of power and mobility makes the XRK Stalker stand out among the sniper rifle options available.

Screenshot for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile best weapons guide showing the Haymaker


If you prefer playing Warzone Mobile with an ultra-aggressive playstyle, the Haymaker is the perfect primary weapon to pick – and the most versatile shotgun available. As a semi-automatic option, you will find that other shotguns can deliver more damage per shot – namely the Lockwood 680.

However, the Haymerk’s fast fire rate and high handling stat more than makes up for that. It’s also magazine-fed, with attachment options to improve the standard magazine capacity of 8 to 20 shells. If you play smart and land your shots, that’s more than enough ammo to eliminate a squad of fully-plated players in a close-quarters firefight.

There you have it, our picks for the best Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile guns and weapons. If you’re looking for some freebies to make victory that little bit easier, check out our Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile codes guide while you’re here. Of, if you prefer board games to war games, grab some more goodies with our free Monopoly Go dice guide.