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Warzone Mobile reinvents battle royales for mobile gamers

During our interview with Chris Plummer, he discussed the introduction of a new game mode, Mobile Royale, designed specifically for mobile gamers.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile - two soldiers stood in front of a road with buildings and a fire

It’s finally time. Call of Duty: Mobile Warzone is out today, and while the wait has been long for Activision’s next mobile shooter, it certainly looks to be worth the wait, especially with the new Warzone Mobile Royale feature. As all CoD fans know, Warzone is the battle royale version of the game, but the development team is going above and beyond to ensure it translates perfectly to mobile.

We were honored to have an interview with none other than Chris Plummer, the senior vice president and co-head of mobile at Activision. In that enlightening interview, not only does he talk about the completion of the Warzone “ecosystem” with Warzone Mobile, but he also touches on a brand new feature designed specifically for the game.

While, as Plummer points out, “there’s a lot of modes that have been introduced through the life of Warzone,” Mobile Royale is the new game mode that we have an acute interest in. Activision has designed it to give the authentic battle royale experience to mobile players who don’t necessarily have the time to sit down for a long-form match.

Speaking to our staff writer Connor, Plummer explains that Mobile Royale is “a heavily modified version of the main battle royale that’s designed to work in ten minutes, which is great for mobile players. Sometimes, you have twenty minutes for a longer match, and sometimes you don’t. So, for folks who only have ten minutes to spare, we wanted to have a really authentic feeling, a really tight experience that feels great that you could play through in ten minutes. That’s Mobile Royale.”

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So, for those of you who can only jump on while you have a quick break, the Mobile Royale game mode is perfect. However, there’s plenty of other content for you to enjoy, too, with Plummer claiming that “we have a variety of different options for folks at worldwide launch, including the classic Warzone battle royale.” Regardless of how much time you have, it’s clear that Warzone Mobile wants you to make the most of it.

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