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Camper Van Make it Home zooms past Kickstarter Switch release goals

Wholesome stuff-sorting puzzle game Camper Van: Make it Home gains speed and smashes its Kickstarter goals and parks a Switch release.

Camper Van Make it Home switch release: a camper van against a sun set with pets in the grass

Malapata Studios’ zen puzzler Camper Van: Make it Home continues to surpass its Kickstarter goals, ensuring a release on Nintendo Switch at launch. Backers achieved the goal of €40,000 – the required funding for a Switch port – with nine days left on the campaign.

The Kickstarter currently has over 1,600 backers and has tiers starting at around $15/£12. There are still seven days to sign up and the campaign is quickly heading towards its next goal of unlocking the creative mode – so get your orders in.

Anyone who supports the campaign can now choose Nintendo Switch as their preferred platform to receive a download for, along with any other snazzy rewards linked to their tier of your choice.

The different tiers offer rewards that include handmade merchandise like a journey album and an embroidered mat, postcards, stickers, and even the ability to name pets in the van – including an iguana!

Though we don’t have an official launch date just yet, Camper Van: Make it Home has a placeholder of late 2024 for Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and of course PC platforms releasing simultaneously.

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Whenever it may release we’re super excited to dive into an Unpacking-like experience on the road filled with memories and satisfying sorting of possessions into places they perfectly fit.

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