Connect to your inner Kenergy with the Candy Crush Barbie crossover

Ahead of Margot Robbie’s silver-screen Barbie film, we’re getting a Candy Crush Barbie crossover to plaster the sugary world in several shades of pink.

Screenshot of promo image for the Candy Crush Barbie crossover with Barbie riding front seat along Candy Crush friends

If you’re hyping yourself up for the cinematic event of the summer, you can get even more excited with the Candy Crush Barbie crossover. That’s right, from July 11-23, you can jump into Candy Crush and guide Barbie on her adventure to the real world, with plenty of exciting in-game events and rewards. Better still, we can add Candy Crush to our list of Barbie games now!

For those who don’t know – and I hope life is nice for you living under that rock – the Barbie film is set for cinemas on July 23, with Candy Crush joining in the mammoth PR push prior to the release. Still, with in-game events, a special behind-the-scenes video from the Barbie set for Candy Crush players, and a candy version of Barbie herself all on offer, we’re certainly not complaining.

As ever, no Candy Crush special event is complete without a unique sweet, and this time around you can pick up purple Barbie Bs to bring in some tasty rewards. So, while you need to wait just a little longer to unleash your inner Barbie – or Kenergy – in cinemas, Candy Crush Barbie is coming to ease your anticipation.

Barbie coming to Candy Crush is just the latest in a long line of high-profile crossovers in King’s mobile puzzler. Just a couple of months ago the Jonas Brothers landed in the world of candy to crush some sweets, while previous arrivals include Khloe Kardashian, Meghan Trainor, and Doja Cat.

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There you have it, all you need to know about the upcoming Candy Crush Barbie crossover. For more sweet puzzle titles, check out our picks for the best Candy Crush games and games like Candy Crush. Or, head over to our film-loving sister site The Digital Fix to find out the impressions from Barbie’s first reviews.