VainGlory developer’s new game Catalyst Black launches in early access next month

Super Evil Megacorp has announced that its upcoming game, Catalyst Black, is launching in early access from August 12. The shooter first reared its head back in May, and since then we’ve been trying to work out how much influence Catalyst Black takes from its predecessor. But unlike VainGlory, Super Evil Megacorp’s previous game, Catalyst Black is actually an arena shooter, and has a lot more in common with games like Brawl Stars.

But even that comparison doesn’t really do Catalyst Black justice. The game features ten player teams in a variety of drop-in drop-out modes, and is intended to ‘set a new bar for mobile gaming’. We know that literally every mobile game says that, but Catalyst Black’s unique combo of MOBA and arena shooter elements look to set it apart from many of its peers.

Early access to Catalyst Black is iOS only – once again, sorry Android users! If you want to sign up while there’s still space you can head on over to the ironically named ‘Secret Service‘ to secure your spot on the battlefield.

Super Mega Evil Corp also revealed some gameplay with Catalyst Black’s early access trailer:

As you can see, it’s somewhat hard to determine exactly what Catalyst Black is – it feels likes a MOBA with elements such as neutral monsters, but it does also capture that same free-for-all feel of an arena battler. We’re excited to see more soon!

Catalyst Black’s drop-in drop-out system is also worth making a note of, as it claims next-to-no match-making times, and if that’s true, Black is sure to be very popular. Game controller support is also going to be offered from launch.

You can find out more info about Catalyst Black on its website. If you want some similar recommendations, check out our lists of the best mobile MOBAs and the best mobile multiplayer games!

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