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Celebratory Cats & Soup update adds new cats, cosmetics, and currency

Neowiz, the developer of Cats & Soup, is sharing the love with its players and celebrating hitting a huge milestone by offering loads of free rewards.

Art for the Cats and Soup update showing three cats dressed in spring outfits on a blue-green background. They are all wearing tulip hats.

To celebrate hitting 40 million cumulative downloads across the App Store and Google Play, Neowiz has announced a Cats & Soup update that introduces a range of new events, cosmetics, and facilities for players to enjoy. There’s even a new cat for you to meet and they’re adorable.

Celebrate Cats & Soup hitting this huge milestone by logging in to the game every day and earning rewards including a crown outfit and other cosmetics for your kitties. Neowiz is also introducing a cherry blossom event to ring in the start of spring. You can take part in a board-game style challenge to earn tradeable tokens to spend on cosmetics and other limited items.

Cats & Soup is introducing two new facilities as well – the crushing garlic facility and the campfire. Your cats can crush garlic with a mortar and pestle for you to use in your soups, or they can relax and recuperate after a long day of work at the campfire.

The brand new Cloudy Ragdoll cat has joined Cats & Soup and you can find them in the observatory. They have a soft baby blue coat and fluffy white tips to their fur, making them look like they belong in the clouds. Make sure you save them in your storage by May 2, 2023.

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