The best cooking games on mobile

Our list of the best cooking games on mobile is full of tasty treats and unimaginable feats, so indulge yourself in some delicious fun

Cooking games: Mama from Cooking Mama holding a pink smartphone landscape and taking a photo whilst winking and sticking her tongue out. In the background is a screenshot from Cooking Mama Let's Cook on mobile showcasing the various meals you can prepare, like takoyaki, steak, and omurice.

Everyone loves a tasty treat, whether you’re a fan of cooking or munching, so it’s no wonder that the mobile market is full of mouth-watering food games. So, we’ve found a whole pantry full of the best cooking games on mobile, from culinary classics like Cooking Mama, to adorable sims like Animal Restaurant, and even unique food-based fantasies like Cooking Quest. These fun titles are sure to get your mouth watering and your thumbs tapping in no time.

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So without further ado, get your oven mitts ready, as we dive into the best cooking games on mobile.

Cooking games

Halloween Cooking Games screenshot

Halloween Cooking

Google Play / App Store

Any season can be spooky season, so let’s kick things off with a frightfully fun cooking simulator with a Halloween twist. Prepare, cook, and serve up over 175 Halloween-themed dishes across more than 26 food trucks and 13,000 levels, from puking pumpkins to spooky shakes. You’re visited by a whole host of ghoulish characters, including witches, vampires, werewolves, and more – a fangtastic boredom buster for anyone, any time of year.

Cooking games; Cooking Mama Let's Cook dish

Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook!

Google Play / App Store

The classic cooking game has come to mobile. In Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook, you can chop, bake, and stew your way to becoming the best chef around. With more than 30 kinds of recipes, your very own restaurant to decorate as you want, and the ability to harvest, fish, raise animals, and more, there’s plenty of variety in this little gem. Keeping its signature intuitive controls, this is an easy one to pick up on the go, as you swipe your fingers to chop ingredients, drag them to the pot, and tap to your heart’s content.

SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off

Google Play / App Store

One of the world’s most famous animated burger chefs has made a splash in the mobile ocean, as he invites you on a madcap culinary adventure through Bikini Bottom. Join many familiar faces, including Spongebob, Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, Squidward, Mr Krabs, and more, as you grill up and serve delicious food and decorate your own restaurant. There’s even a fun storyline to enjoy.

Cooking games; Good Pizza, Great Pizza screenshot

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Google Play / App Store

Run your own shop and put your pizza skills to the test in this unique and highly stylised gem. With gorgeous artwork, a muted and relaxing colour palette, and simple yet challenging gameplay, you’re tasked to meet the orders of your customers and make enough money to stay open. It’s great fun to tap away, building up your pizzas from start to finish, as you roll out the dough, spread the toppings, and bake to perfection.

Cooking Games; What's Cooking chef spilling food over a table

What’s Cooking?

Google Play / App Store

In this adorable little title, you start out as an amateur chef with a small kitchen, determined to climb the food chain. Combine ingredients to create over 700 dishes, enjoy matching puzzles to snag the top ingredients, and upgrade your kitchen on a quest to be the best. With customisations for your restaurant, kitchen equipment, decorations, and even outfits, there’s plenty to do in this cute cooking adventure.

Cooking games; Animal Restaurant screenshots

Animal Restaurant

Google Play / App Store

Okay, we can’t deny it – we’re pretty addicted to this one. In Animal Restaurant, you start as a stray kitten in the forest, and, before you know it, you’re running the busiest restaurant in town. Earn cod by tapping the promote button, serve customers, buy recipes, equipment, and furniture, and even hire adorable kitty staff to give you a helping paw – all under the supervision of the mighty chef Gumi. With loads of rare animals and guests to entertain, different ways to expand your land, fun mini-games, and plenty of events, Animal Restaurant is a great place to escape if you want to chill out for a couple of minutes (or hours…).

Cooking games; Hungry Hearts Diner gameplay screenshots

Hungry Hearts Diner

Google Play / App Store

In this wholesome, Ghibli-esque game, you take the role of a hard-working old lady struggling to manage her family’s restaurant on the edge of a big city. Learn about Japanese cuisine as you cook delicious, classic foods and lend an ear to the colourful characters who stop by to chow down. It’s a simple but beautiful title, full of emotion and heartwarming stories that just might fill that hole in your hungry heart, as well as your tummy.

Cooking games; screenshot of Cooking Madness gameplay

Cooking Madness

Google Play / App Store

Become a master chef by cooking, preparing, and serving delicious food from all around the world. With a focus on time management, you need to dash from restaurant to restaurant, and throw together tasty dishes at a fast pace in order to keep your customers happy. Try out different techniques and practice your cooking skills as you unlock multiple restaurants, upgrade your own kitchen, and complete special missions in this fun, classic cooking game.

Cooking games; Cooking Quest pixel landscape showing characters lining up by a food cart

Cooking Quest

Google Play / App Store

A bit of an outlier on this list, Cooking Quest is a pixel RPG food truck management sim – wow, that was a mouthful, and there are plenty more where that came from. Go out on adventures and battle monsters to gather ingredients and new recipes, so you can lure more customers in. Then, travel across the kingdom to take part in festivals, hire more chefs, and enhance heroes as you embark on a tasty adventure to become the best food truck in the land.

Cooking games; cooking town witch in the kitchen, sprinkling seasonings on food

Cooking Town

Also known as Cooking Witch 2 on the App Store

Google Play / App Store

Cooking Town allows you to build your own restaurant in a fantasy world, then get cooking with magic to serve a range of mystical characters. Similar to Cooking Madness, this is a cooking frenzy game that will put your memory and time management skills to the test. Create your own unique character, cook gourmet meals, and construct a gorgeous town, bringing in more customers as you go.

And that’s our list of the best cooking games on mobile. We’ll add more in the future, so be sure to check back for some more tasty gems. If you’re feeling refreshed after all those delicious delicacies, go ahead and work them off with our list of the best open world games on Switch and mobile.