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Be her guest in Netmarble’s match-three mobile game Charlotte’s Table

Charlotte’s Table pre-registrations are now open, and Netmarble’s match-three mobile game looks to be a treat for those than enjoy life and management

Charlotte and a man staring at eachother

Netmarble is at it again, as the mobile games behemoth opens pre-registrations for its upcoming match-three puzzler, Charlotte’s Table, which naturally features a bunch of noodle scratchers that are sure to give your brain a good workout. All of this is in the name of the titular character achieving her dream of owning her own restaurant.

Now that Charlotte’s Table pre-registrations are open, it’s only right that we take a look at what you can expect from the game. Firstly, not only do you help the protagonist achieve her dreams, but you also get to help her in all aspects of life. Yes, that includes romance and family drama.

Furthermore, as with any match-three title worth its salt, you can expect an abundance of customisation options for not only Charlotte but the interior of her restaurant to ensure that it matches the aesthetic that you’re going for. Better still, you also get to design the menu, social promotions, how to attract investors, and more.

Where can I sign up for Charlotte’s Table pre-registration?

To pre-register for the game, visit the Charlotte’s Table website.

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