Take a stand in Com2uS’ tactical RPG Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid

Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid characters and gameplay

The Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid release date is here, and that means it’s time for you all to take up arms as the Kingdom of Rohan is under attack, and it’s up to you to save it, as you face fearsome opponents, and a range of monsters that are sure to test your resolve.

Since the Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid release date is here, it’s only right to take a look at what Com2uS’ tactical RPG offers. For starters, the game is set in a medieval realm, where you serve as a member of the Adventurer Alliance, an organisation that must deal with the monster threat, with more and more creatures pouring into the world thanks to the Chromatic Dragon.

The only way to protect your comrades, civilians, and yourself is to defeat these beasts, and fortunately for you, as with any RPG worth its salt, there are multiple classes for you to choose from to help you get the job done. In Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid, you can play as a mage, knight, rogue, or druid, each of which has their own skills and gear.

As you journey through the Kingdom of Rohan, you can choose from three different playstyles, the first of which is idle mode. In essence, this allows you to reap the rewards of combat even when you don’t play the game – perfect for those of you with less time on your hands. Alternatively, you can use auto-battle or boss battle mode. The former offers you some grand rewards, while the latter is full to the brim with boss fights.

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What’s the Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid release date?

The Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid release date is here, so make sure you head over to Google Play or the App Store to download it.

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