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Civilization VII is set to open a new chapter in the history books

Sid Meier's iconic strategy series is opening a new chapter in the history books, as the Civilization 7 release date is now etched in stone.

Civilization 7 release date - a screenshot of a bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln from the Civilization 7 trailer

Summer Game Fest is upon us and has already bestowed some absolute gems – including the incredibly exciting news that the iconic Civilization series is opening a new chapter. Since its first entry back in 1991, Sid Meier’s series has gathered critical acclaim and reached a legendary status that can even rival the historical events the games are based upon.

Now it’s time to get ready, as the award-winning strategy game franchise is set to return with a revolutionary new chapter. That’s right, the Civilization VII release date is on the horizon, with the brand new entry coming sometime next year.

This fresh chapter once again invites you to rule as one of many legendary leaders throughout history. Your task is to establish your civilization, construct cities and erect architectural wonders as you expand your territories, conquer or cooperate with rival civilizations, and explore the four corners of the world as you strive to build the greatest empire the world has ever known. So, you know, no pressure.

And now it’s finally written in stone thanks to Summer Game Fest 2024The Civilization VII release date is coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4 and PS5, and PC via Steam in 2025, and you can wishlist the game today. Oh, and that’s not all – if you fancy getting a glimpse of what’s to come, you can check out the official Civilization 7 trailer below. If you say it didn’t give you goosebumps, you’re lying.

YouTube Thumbnail

There’s also a gameplay showcase set for August 2024, so be sure to keep an eye on the official website and bookmark this page, as we’ll update it with any further news.

Now, let us all for death prepare, or of the last great journey fare – so it shall be. If you can’t wait to re-write those history books, be sure to brush up on your knowledge with our Civilization 6 tier list and Civilization 6 secret societies guide. Or, for more strategic fun, head over to our guide to the best games like Civilization 6.