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Every mobile and Switch announcment from Summer Game Fest 2024

SGF 2024 is nearly here but don’t expect any huge reveals, as the majority of the show focuses on games that have already been announced.

a close up of shadow the hedgehog in front of a cloudy sky in the summer game fest 2024 trailer

Summer Game Fest 2024 is finally here, and opening night is full of exciting announcements. Perhaps one of the biggest is that the Horizon series is coming to Nintendo Switch in the form of a LEGO game. Actually, the horror nerd in me is loving what Blumhouse Games is up to.

In a recent Q&A (Thanks, VGC), Keighley confirmed SGF 2024 is “largely focused” on games that we already know about, stating that he thinks things are going to be “a little bit quieter this summer in terms of crazy new announcements and shocking surprises.” Of course, that doesn’t mean that the show only focuses on trailers and new information regarding the games we already know about. There are also unknown games that made their presence known during the show.

Nintendo is, once again, famously absent due to having its own Nintendo Direct later this month, outside of SGF – perhaps one day Keighley will succeed in getting Nintendo to join in, Xbox and PlayStation are both present at Summer Game Fest this year.

When is Summer Game Fest 2024?

Summer Game Fest began today on June 7, and runs through June 10. If you missed the opening night showcase, you can still watch it via The Game Awards YouTube channel.

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Every Switch and mobile announcement at SGF 2024

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LEGO Horizon Adventures

Look at that: the show kicked off with a PlayStation game that’s heading to Nintendo Switch. Featuring all the hilarious action you expect from a LEGO game, Horizon Adventures is due to release on Nintendo Switch day one later this year. Make sure you check out our LEGO Horizon Adventures guide to stay up to date with all of the latest information.

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Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions

Quidditch Champions is coming to Nintendo Switch on September 3, 2024, giving you a chance to live out your magical fantasies as you fight your way to the top of the magical sport. We haven’t had a Quidditch game since Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup in 2003, so this announcement is very welcome.

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Neva looks to be an adorable adventure full of fun combat in a truly stunning world – we can’t wait to see just how special the bond between Alba and her wolf pup truly is. We didn’t get a release date, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as there is one.

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Civilization VII

For those who enjoy the longstanding turn-based strategy series, Civilization VII is on the way, and it’s due to arrive on Nintendo Switch – there’s to be a full reveal later this summer.

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Battle Crush

With unique characters that boast different weapons and skills, it looks as though Battle Crush is an action brawler to keep an eye on, especially if this high-action trailer is anything to go by. The game is to be released on June 27.

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Blumhouse Games

Blumhouse is entering the videogame business in a big way. The studio is set to release a string of horror games from several different developers. Some adopt a more retro aesthetic, which only adds to the atmosphere if you ask me. It’s exciting to see, as Blumhouse is keen to work with independent developers so long as they can bring a spooky vibe. Fear The Spotlight is to be the first release from Blumhouse Games, and it’s coming later this year.

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Killer Bean

A bean driving cars, throwing grenades, shooting guns, and flying through the air? Hell yes, sign me up. It’s to be a bean, a former assassin who wants to take down his former employers. It’s unclear whether or not Killer Bean is coming to Nintendo Switch, but I sincerely hope the roguelike shows up on the hybrid console. It enters early access later this year.

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Cairn is a realistic game that quite literally has you climbing a mountain. It’s a tall order, but taking on the challenge will be rewarding when the game releases.

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Monster Hunter Stories

We got a brief look at Monster Hunter Stories ahead of its release on Nintendo Switch on June 14.

A screenshot from the SGF Outersloth reveal


Among Us creator Innersloth made an appearance, announcing Outersloth, a new project that allows the team to fund other indie games. Mars First Logistics, Battle Suit Aces, Mossfield Archives, ONE BTN Bosses, and Rogue Eclipse are among the games to recieve help from Outersloth.

A screenshot from the Among Us TV show trailer

Among Us TV show

Innersloth didn’t stop there. We also got a peek at the new Among Us TV show, which looks hilarious and like a lot of fun. Yeah, you can sign me up for this.

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Sonic x Shadow Generations

We got to have a look at Shadow’s new powers in the latest Sonic x Shadow Generations trailer, which features many iconic levels you might recognize from Sonic’s past. Both heroes have their own levels to complete, but I have to admit, it’s definitely Shadow that I’m more keen to play as when the game releases on October 25.

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Honkai Star Rail

March 7th gets a stunning new look, and it’s always nice when a character gets a cute new outfit.

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Squad Busters

Got another look at the trailer for Squad Busters featuring none other than Chris Hemsworth – because why not? Seeing him sing How You Remind Me was the pick me up I didn’t know I needed. Anyway, Squad Busters features characters from Sueprcell’s over games, and you need to recruit and upgrade them to fight for you. In case you didn’t know, you can play Squad Busters right now.

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