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Erling Haaland becomes Clash of Clans’ first-ever real life character

Clash of Clans announced a surprise collab with Man City forward, Erling Haaland, with the professional footie player transforming into the ‘Barbarian King'.

Man City striker Erling Haaland stands with his pixelated alter-ego the Barbarian King, in Clash of Clans collab

Clash of Clans and Premier League football is perhaps a pairing that most fans of either would find surprising, and yet here we are. Erling Haaland, striker for Man City and Norway’s national team, has joined the ranks in the hugely popular mobile game, Clash of Clans. His pixelated alter-ego comes in the form of the ‘Barbarian King’, who will come crashing onto the scene in an epic, football-themed seasonal game event.

Clash of Clans players will also get to enjoy a whole bunch of footie-themed features that are due to appear throughout May, including exciting medal events and special troop characters. If you really want to test your skills, you can even take a crack at defeating Haaland’s in-game village.

This collab is the very first time that a Clash of Clans character has been based on a real person, and even if you’re not a huge football fan, it’s an exciting partnership that could mark the beginning of several celebrity endorsements and fun events. Considering the game already has a stonking two billion downloads, we imagine that Clash of Clans has plenty in store for its fans, and we already know that developer Supercell is up for taking more risks with their upcoming games.

Erling Haaland is a world-famous football player, so it’s easy to let cynicism win over when massive collaborations like this appear in the gaming world. Most would fear that this is just a cash-grab from both parties, but in actuality, Haaland is a huge fan of Clash of Clans in earnest and has been playing the hugely popular mobile game for years. You can check out the exciting trailer for the collab below.

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Haaland revealed that “it’s been tough to keep this one quiet, but I’m excited to finally be able to talk about this epic partnership with Clash of Clans. I’ve been a huge fan of the game for a long time and know everything about it, so to appear as an in-game character is really cool.” After a grueling game of football and exhausting training sessions during the height of the Premier League, relaxing on one of the best mobile games is probably the perfect wind-down for players like Haaland.

Clash of Clans will be announcing plenty more football-focused news and events as part of their partnership with Haaland, so make sure you follow the game’s YouTube and Twitter accounts, as well as Haaland’s Instagram account, where his Clash of Clan announcement has already gained well over 400k likes.

You can play Clash of Clans on both iOS and Android, so go forth and raid while we wait for one of the most unexpected collabs in a while. If you’re as impatient as us, check out our guides on Clash of Clans download, and how to get Clash of Clans gems.