CoD: Mobile meets Ghost in the Shell in season seven

It’s fair to say that the biggest part of CoD: Mobile season seven is the huge CoD: Mobile Ghost in the Shell collaboration featuring Motoko

Motoko flying through the air in a lab with a soldier in the background as part of the CoD: Mobile Ghost in the Shell collaboration

Call of Duty: Mobile season seven is underway, and not only does it feature the usual content you expect to see, but there’s a special collaboration for the New Vision City update, one that’s sure to please anime fans worldwide, as Motoko shoots her way into Activision’s mobile title.

That’s right, there’s a CoD: Mobile Ghost in the Shell collaboration in the works for Call of Duty: Mobile season seven, and it’s full of fantastic content that you must grab if you’re a fan of the anime and manga franchise. Of course, it goes without saying that Motoko, also known as Major, is available as a playable operator, though you can only get your hands on her skin through the in-game store.

Other Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 goodies include the Major’s SMG weapon blueprint, new grenade skins, an emote, charm, and more. Naturally, there’s also a Ghost in the Shell-themed event dubbed Togusa’s Survey. You need to help him as he restores downed communications, aids allies, and looks into possible post-human threats.

When is the CoD: Mobile Ghost in the Shell collaboration?

The collaboration is available in-game right now, so hurry up and dive into what’s sure to be a battle for the ages.

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What else can I expect from Call of Duty: Mobile New Vision City?

As always, the new season features both a premium and free battle pass that are full of handy goodies such as weapons, blueprints, operators, and skins. Furthermore, there’s a New Vision City battle royale map, and unsurprisingly, it features a futuristic aesthetic.

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