Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle release date speculation

Devsisters is cooking up a storm in the Cookie Run kingdom, as the upcoming Cookie Run: Witch's Castle release date promises a puzzling, spooky sugar rush

A wizard cookie looking at an hourglass

The Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle release date may still need some time in the oven, but that delicious, biscuity smell is making us drool already. What’s better than deliciously sugary shenanigans with sentient snacks? Well, sugary shenanigans with a spooky twist, of course. Luckily, it looks like this tasty addition to the Cookie Run: Kingdom universe isn’t too far off, and the timer on the release date is ticking away.

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Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle release date speculation

Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle release date is set for some time in 2023. Devsisters announced the title on January 20, 2022, alongside two other games in the series, Cookie Run: OvenSmash and Cookie Run: Project B, and has suggested that all three games will release over the course of the year and into the next – so, hopefully, we shouldn’t have long to wait for these mouth-watering new treats. We’ll just have to be patient until it’s fully baked!

We’re also unsure of which platforms Devsisters plan to release these new titles on, though we do know that, for the first time ever, this year will see Cookie Run coming to multiple platforms. Mobile fans needn’t worry, though – as you can see on the pre-registration page, it looks like Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle will still be available on both Android and iOS.

Cookie Run Witch's Castle splash art

How do I sign up for Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle pre-registration?

Though we may not know exactly when Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle is coming, pre-registration is already open. You need a account to sign up, but after that, simply head over to the Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle TapTap page and hit either the Android or iOS pre-register button.

What is Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle?

While there isn’t that much information about Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle gameplay yet, we know that it’s set to be quite different from the delicious, cookie-themed fun you’ve had in the past with titles like Cookie Run: Kingdom. This time, Devsisters has announced that it will be a puzzle adventure game, featuring a story that builds on the existing Cookie Run lore, and may even act as an origin story of sorts for Cookie Run: Kingdom and Cookie Run: OvenBreak.

So far, we’ve heard that the game will feature tap-to-blast and perhaps some match puzzles, the completion of which allows you to progress through the story. We also know that you can design rooms for each of your cookies, which sounds like a real treat.

And that’s the way the cookie crumbles – this is everything we know about the Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle release date and what we can expect from this freshly-baked treat right now. We’ll update this guide whenever new crumbs drop. If you’re looking for an energetic romp to work off that sugar rush, be sure to check out our lists of the best mobile platformers and the best Switch platformers to get those virtual legs moving.