Cult of the Lamb update brings mass blessings to Nintendo Switch

The latest Cult of the Lamb update brings mass blessing, accessibility options, and plenty more to Nintendo Switch, with more content still to come

Screenshot of Cult of the Lamb's Lamb among its followers for Cult of the Lamb update news

After a successful launch towards the end of 2022, a Cult of the Lamb update is here to add some quality-of-life features to the game, including mass blessing, auto fishing, the ability to rename your cult, and plenty more. So, if you want to make all your followers fear your majestic presence in one fell swoop, well, now you can.

There’s also a few fixes arriving with the latest Cult of the Lamb update, including the removal of a couple of exploits that allowed your lamb to wander beyond the flock, or at least into parts of the map it’s not supposed to be in, as well as fixing the save clock for those who have played more than twenty-four hours to show the actual play time. Now you can see exactly how long you’ve spent playing, and if you’re anything like me, that might bring great shame.

There’s apparently more coming too, with the Cult of the Lamb update announcement on Twitter supplemented with some information on a future content update. The developer is looking to bring more dungeons, more combat options, and some end-game content to the charming cult sim and we can’t wait to dig our fluffy little lamb hooves into it.

If you missed Massive Monster’s occult simulator, check out our Cult of the Lamb review to see if it’s worth diving in after the latest update. Considering we gave it a solid 7/10 with a slight markdown for performance issues, we’re hoping the latest update means we can properly enjoy it next time we return to the sacrificial altar (at least more than the animals we’re sacrificing anyway).

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