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Nuverse’s MMORPG Dark Nemesis releases today

The Dark Nemesis release date is here, which means it’s time to become a peacekeeper, and fight for the freedom of everyone around you

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New game releases are always exciting, especially when it comes to MMORPGs. Why, you might ask? Because you know at the very least there are vast locations for you to explore, and you tend to have complete creative control over your character. From their appearance, to their battle style, your virtual counterpart is unique to you, and Nurverse’s brand new game, Dark Nemesis, is no exception.

However, the best news about this is that the Dark Nemesis release date is here. That’s right. You can dive into the new mobile MMORPG right now. If you like Legacy Discord, you should enjoy Dark Nemesis as it serves as a spiritual successor. The game has both PvE and PvP modes, so whether you want to adventure alone, or flex your competitive muscles, you can do so in Dark Nemesis.

The story revolves around magical conflict, and it’s up to you, as a peacekeeper, to fight back against the Raven Church – an order that seeks to dominate the land, and oppress everyone within. Well, it’s time to step up, venture into the legendary realm of Lux Aeterna, and put a stop to the conflict.

When it comes to your character, you can choose between four classes – warrior, gunslinger, assassin, and mage. Each has a unique set of skills that give you an edge in battle. Furthermore, you can also customise your gear and create powerful weapons – both of which are necessary to become the battle-hardened ally this world sorely needs.

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What is the Dark Nemesis release date?

Dark Nemesis is out now, and you can download it via the App Store and Google Play. Furthermore, if you signed up for Dark Nemesis pre-registration, you can now access your exclusive in-game rewards.

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