First time Dark Souls player dodges like a boss

We love it when a newcomer arrives in Lordran, but it’s rare that you see a Dark Souls first-time player dodge like this - praise the sun, Chosen Undead!

A Dark Souls Titanite Demon in the middle of a dark hallway in the Catacombs

The world of Lordran is a brutal place, as you not only traverse through perilous environments full of accursed enemies that wish to harm you, but you also encounter a number of minibosses and full-time bosses that can’t wait to kick your butt. At least, that’s what they plan to do, especially to newcomers, but there’s a Dark Souls first-timer that’s showing all the veterans out there how it’s done.

It’s not often that you see a Dark Souls first-time player dodge like this, and that might be for the simple fact that it’s not even a stereotypical dodge. No, Reddit user teckrokk used a gesture to dodge an incoming lightning bolt from the first Titanite Demon you encounter in the game – any DS player out there knows how hard this beast hits.

To get out of the way of the heinous attack, this first-time player jumped for joy. No, we’re not kidding. That’s genuinely the gesture they use. You get to see the chosen undead leap into the air in good spirits with an arm pump to boot. This is the ultimate ‘not today satan’ to any Dark Souls boss.

Where can I watch this Dark Souls gesture dodge?

You can watch the clip courtesy of the official Reddit post below, and we suggest you do. It brings us joy to see a newcomer show a miniboss who the actual boss is.

First time dark souls player and loving the game. Just wanted to share this epic dodge moment lol from darksouls

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