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Godzilla returns to the sea in Dave the Diver DLC

Get ready to take a stand against giant monsters in Dave the Diver, with a newly revealed Godzilla-themed DLC.

Dave the Diver Godzilla DLC: Godzilla covered in fire against a grey sky as seen in the Dave the Diver trailer

Revealed during the 2024 PlayStation State of Play, Dave the Diver is coming to PlayStation. But enough about that – it’s also getting a new Godzilla DLC. What’s more, it isn’t the only game this week to announce this specific crossover.

The Dave the Diver DLC brings the King of Monsters into the game, where ‘enormous threats’ lurk in the depths of the Blue Hole. The announcement trailer showed the PlayStation port of the game and the DLC with a May 2024 release date.

We’re not sure what Godzilla gets up to in Dave the Diver just yet, so stay tuned for more information. You can also check out our Dave the Diver feature for some sea-themed reading. It seems like Godzilla’s marketing team is on a spree at the moment, as this news comes just after the Minecraft Godzilla DLC dropped in late January.

Available for free on Minecraft Marketplace, the DLC takes you on four adventures, including one that features an escape through a city where you must avoid Godzilla’s heat rays and one where you witness King Kong himself battling it out with other kaiju.

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The best part is that Shin Godzilla even makes an appearance in its half-formed state. All four scenarios are available in multiplayer, so you can team up to take down gigantic monsters.

Is this the end of the Godzilla announcements? Are there more projects featuring the world-famous monster coming? We hope so, after the mess that was the King Kong game last year, we need something to remind us why these icons are so popular.

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