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DC Heroes & Villains release date

The DC Heroes & Villains release date is now upon us, so you can try out this DC-themed match-three puzzler on your iPhone or Android device.

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The DC Heroes & Villains release date is finally here. It has an original narrative that includes many fan-favorite DC characters, including heroes such as Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman, as well as villains like the Joker and Harley Quinn. Naturally, it’s not just familiar characters making an appearance. You can look forward to taking to the streets of Gotham, the depths of Atlantis, and other iconic locations.

As for gameplay, you can expect standard match-three puzzles and battles, these can be done solo or as part of a team to defeat bosses and claim epic loot. Moreover, Ludia promises plenty of live events for competitive PVP action and the opportunity for players worldwide to form guilds for cooperative play.

“We are exceptionally proud to announce our newest title, DC Heroes & Villains,” Ludia CEO Alex Thabet says. “This game showcases the best of Ludia, with engaging gameplay and innovative technologies that are the hallmark of our award-winning games. We believe this will give DC fans a completely new perspective of the characters, environments and lore they love.”

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DC Heroes & Villains release date

The DC Heroes & Villains release date is now here so you can pick up the game on your iPhone or Android device right now.

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