Can you survive the night with 39% off Friday the 13th?

It’s time to be the one that wields the machete, as you stop behind the hockey mask and take control of Jason Voorhees with this Friday the 13th Switch deal

Jason holding garden shears

Sometimes, you have a rough day, and you just need to take out your frustrations. In fact, if you’re a horror fan, you might even have those brief moments of ‘you know what, I get it’, and you can almost see where some iconic killers are coming from, but alas, as a humane member of society, you must rely on deals such as this to see what it’s like to be Jason Voorhees.

Right now on Amazon US, you can pick up the Friday the 13th: Game Ultimate Slasher Edition on Switch for $24.40 – that’s a huge saving of 39%! The aim of the game is simple, as it’s a 1v7 online multiplayer game, in which one player takes on the role of Jason Vorhees, while the others can choose from a range of camp counsellors, each with different abilities and attributes.

As the iconic horror villain, you must kill the counsellors to win the game, and in true Friday the 13th fashion, there are a number of brutal ways in which you can do this – because Jason is so much more than his machete. In this game, there are several versions of Vorhees for you to choose from, each of which has different weapons and abilities.

On the flipside, counsellors must escape, and they’re at a serious disadvantage as they all must escape to claim victory. Of course, the best option is to work together to get the car working, or the boat. Alternatively, you can hide, but you’re more than likely to be found. It’s a true test of survival, and only the strongest get out alive.

As a bit of advice from someone with plenty of experience with this game, stick with people, then just throw them to the wolves if necessary. Or, take the boat for yourself and leave – look out for number one, for as long as you get out, you get the XP.

If you’re still not sure, check out the official game trailer here.

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