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Smash some bros with 30% off Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Grab some friends, have a takeaway, and go to war after you snag Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and its Fighters Pass for 30% off

Mario and Donkey Kong fighting

Are you looking for a socially acceptable way to lay the smackdown on your friends? Of course you are, and we’ve found a deal that allows you to do this. Right now, on Amazon UK, you can grab Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and its Fighter Pass for £57.49, that’s a massive saving of 30%.

If you’re an avid Switch gamer, we understand you probably already have this in your collection. However, if you don’t, this is your chance not only to grab the base game but all of its additional characters, including the most recent one, Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is full of your favourite familiar faces, including Pikachu, Kirby, Link, Mario, Donkey Kong, and more. Sephiroth also features, and speaking as an FFVII fan, we can safely say that walloping that former SOLDIER over and over again soothes your soul.

Of course, the game features exactly what you’d expect from a fighting game, and provides you with non-stop action, allowing you to take part in battles against up to seven other players. It’s a free-for-all between some of the most iconic characters in gaming. Only here can you see Mario smashing Pikachu.

If you’re still not convinced, you can check out the official trailer here. We even have a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier list to help you decide who to do your ass-kicking with.

Sora jumping in the airBuy it here

Should you still decide it’s not for you, but you still have some aggression to take out, we have a list of the best Switch fighting games for you to check out. Or, if you’re a lover, not a fighter, hop, skip, and jump over to our best Switch platformers list.