Get it together with 34% off WarioWare

This week you can grab the digital version of WarioWare: Get It Together for just $32.99 on Amazon US - an amazing deal if we do say so ourselves

Wario is pictured enthusiastically punching the air, wearing his WarioWare biker outfit

It’s Black Friday week, and you know what that means, deals galore! Naturally, we’ve gone out there and found a bargain that we think is a must-buy for any Switch fan, assuming you don’t already own this exclusive game, of course. This week, on Amazon US, you can grab the digital version of WarioWare: Get It Together for $32.99 – that’s a huge saving of 34%.

This game is the first WarioWare title on Nintendo Switch and is home to more than 200 microgames for you to enjoy with pals, or even on your tod if you so choose. If you enjoy single-player gameplay, you’re in for a treat as it features a story mode, though if you want a buddy along for the ride, you can play it cooperatively.

While Wario may be the titular character, you don’t actually have to play as the salty Italian plumber, as there’s a whole roster of characters you can play as to complete the games, all of which come equipped with their own abilities and stats.

If you need more convincing, you can check out the official trailer. We also have a WarioWare: Get It Together review where we claim that “WarioWare has never been better.” Or, if it’s the upcoming movie that interests you, pay our sister site, The Digital Fix, a visit, as they have a Super Mario movie release date guide full of all the information you need.

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