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Become a superstar with 60% off WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Grab yourself a bargain with 60% off WWE 2K Battlegrounds on Nintendo Switch

Sasha Banks attacking Becky Lynch

Do you ever get so frustrated that you just want to scream, shout, or possibly hit something? Well, we may have found a deal that makes throwing people around socially acceptable. Right now on Amazon US, you can pick up WWE 2K Battlegrounds on Nintendo Switch for $16.00, that’s a massive saving of 60% – though do bear in mind that it’s the digital version of the game.

As you might expect from a wrestling game, WWE 2K Battlegrounds throws you into the action in the squared circle, throwing punches, kicks, and suplexing your opponent into next week. Of course, the action doesn’t stop there. You could be a high flyer, taking to the top turnbuckle, or even springboarding from the middle rope. If you’d rather, you could be a powerhouse, launching fellow superstars left, right, and centre.

However, the game does adopt more of an arcade-style when it comes to gameplay, as opposed to the realistic features seen in the mainline WWE 2K games. Naturally, WWE 2K Battlegrounds offers a campaign mode for you to sink your teeth into, while also giving the standard exhibition options. Should you enjoy playing games with friends, you might enjoy the cooperative aspects the title has to offer.

If you’re still unsure, you should check out the official trailer here.

Bunch of wrestlers hitting eachother Buy it here

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