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Enroll in the college from hell with the Demonschool release date

The Demonschool release date is finally here, so grab your textbooks, notepads, and pens - we’re taking a field trip to the Underworld.

Demonschool release date: A screenshot of two characters performing a combo

Developer Necrosoft Games and publisher Ysbryd Games have finally released more information on the Demonschool release date as part of Summer Games Fest 2023. The school-life tactics RPG is inspired by the likes of Atlus’ Persona and Shin Megami Tensei, as well as aspects of Italian horror cinema.

You play as Faye, the heir to a long-forgotten family of demon hunters, as she tries to get a normal college education like her peers, but is pushed towards solving supernatural mysteries. Alongside her friends Destin, Namako, and Knute, she uncovers a dark conspiracy while fighting bosses, chaining combos, and trying to maintain some semblance of normal college life at the same time.

Between streamlined tactics-driven expeditions to fight demons of all shapes and sizes, Faye and her team can attend different classes to upgrade their skills, forge new friendships with the other students, and even engage in some (hell)fiery romance along the way. There are plenty of sidequests to explore along the way if you want a break from the gory action.

Brandon Sheffield, creative director of Necrosoft Games said, “We wanted to create a game with complete transparency while still allowing for mystery. You’ll never have to guess at numbers or what does what. We hope the story carries you through to a positive vision for the future, and what is possible when like-minded individuals work together against a larger evil.”

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Demonschool release date speculation

While we don’t know the exact release date for Demonschool, we do know that it’s coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, and other consoles in 2023. We’ll be sure to update this page when we know more.

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