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Digimon Survive characters

Get used to the new core crew with our Digimon Survive characters guide, before taking on Garururmon and his vicious gang of monsters

Key art of all the main Digimon Survive characters collected in a small room with ruined windows with their Digimon

For a fresh adventure through the digital world, it’s only right the roster of Digimon Survive is made up of original characters, standing apart from the anime and previous titles. So, if you want to get off to a good start, you’re going to have to get to grips with the new crew early in the game, before embarking on your journey with good old Agumon.

We’ve put together a Digimon Survive characters guide, with all the need-to-know information on the core cast of your post-apocalyptic monster-taming mission. Most of the main characters have a partner Digimon and we’ll let you know who has teamed up with who.

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All Digimon Survive characters

Despite visual similarities between the cast of Digimon Survive and some classic characters from the anime, all the heroes of this story are brand new to the adventure. 

Protagonist Takuma posing in his jeans and blue and white hoodie

Takuma Momozuka 

Takuma is Digimon Survive’s protagonist, equipped with his trusty partner Agumon. Like most of the kids who make up the cast of Survive, Takuma is in the 8th grade, making him about 13-14 years old. 

Shibuya in her jeans and red coat

Aoi Shibuya

Aoi is the class rep and unofficial matriarch of the Digimon Survive gang, with her Labramon companion helping to keep the camp safe. She’s also one of the older members of the group, with only Ryo as the other ninth grade member, and Shuuji in tenth grade. 

Minoru lying back in his shorts and orange hoody

Minoru Hinata 

Minoru is Takuma’s right-hand-man, and the peacemaker of the group, supporting their journey through the new digital world with his humour and optimism. His partner Digimon is Falcomon, a fittingly determined creature for Minoru.  

Purple-haired Ryo poses in his white track top and jeans

Ryo Tominaga 

Ryo is your classic tough guy of the gang, helped by the fact he’s one of the eldest as a ninth-grader, and his supercharged bug Digimon Kunemon. 

Saki looks away in her green floral dress and pink cardigan

Saki Kimishima

Saki is one of the youngest members of the group, who like Ryo is a natural optimist, but with a little more grace and a little less hyperactivity. She’s also the character whose Digimon most suits their appearance, with Saki’s floral dress complemented by Floramon. 

Shuuji looks serious in his glasses, shirt and jeans

Shuuji Kayama 

The eldest of the group, tenth-grade Shuuji is a little more serious than the rest of the gang, working together with Aoi to keep the camp in check. His Digimon partner is Lopmon, a creature with a strong evolutionary line capable of keeping Shuuji and the rest of the crew safe. 

Kaito kicks back with his boots on

Kaito Shinonome 

Kaito is the bad boy of the Digimon Survive crew, fittingly equipped with his little devil Digimon partner Dracmon. He’s also the brother of Miu and despite his edgy appearance, Kaito is determined to keep his sister safe in the dangerous digital world and has a whole lot of heart hidden deep down. 

Miu hides her hands with her hoody sleeves

Miu Shinonome 

While Miu’s brother is the rebel of the group, Miu herself is the kooky one, talking nonsense for a majority of the time, much to the annoyance of the rest of the crew. Her partner Digimon is Syakomon, who‘s prepared to do anything to protect Miu from the dangerous Digimon waiting in the wild. 

Screenshot of Haru and Miyuku, two of the most mysterious Digimon characters, in the game


After accidentally entering the digital world, Takuma and the gang quickly bump into Haru and his little sister Miyuku. Haru is the communicator of the two, expressing opinions for both himself and his sibling when the new group of Digimon trainers and their companions try and convince him to help them on their journey. 


Miyuku is Haru’s sister and one of the more mysterious characters in Digimon Survive. Her language skills aren’t what you might expect from a girl her age, and it’s clear that there’s something wrong with Miyuku, but it’s not clear what happened to her to make her this way.

The professor stands in a dark space warning the protagonist about the digital world

The professor 

What’s a monster taming game without a professor? Digimon Survive might dodge some of the tropes of a world full of dangerous creatures, but not this one, with the unnamed professor offering you tidbits of folklore and evolutionary information on the history of Digimon and humans. 

An image of wolf Digimon Garururmon over a blurred picture of Digimon Survive characters collected in a single room


Garurumon lives up to their grizzly appearance with their attitude towards the humans who have fallen into his world. Despite having Digimon friends of your own, this big bad wolf is prepared to do whatever it takes to send Takuma and his friends back to where they came from.


Jijimon is the opposite of Garurumon, in that they’re perfectly happy to assist the helpless humans who have found their way into the Digimon world. If you ever find yourself at a loss in your new adventure, Jijimon will be on hand to drop some hints and tips on how to make friends with the monsters you meet.

An image of wolf dog Digimon Renamon over a blurred picture of Digimon Survive characters collected in a single room


Renamon is a mysterious creature, not exactly ambivalent towards the humans, but hardly willing to help out either. This character doesn’t turn up until later in your playthrough, but when they do, they turn the whole story on its head.

There you have it, all the Digimon Survive characters you need to know to get by in the post-apocalyptic digital world. For more nightmarish visions of the future, because why not, check out our picks for the best post-apocalyptic games on Switch and mobile.