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Digimon Survive gameplay trailers and teasers

With a release date finally firmed up for the next adventure into the digital world, we’ve brought together all the pre-release Digimon Survive gameplay footage

Screenshot of Digimon Survive gameplay with Agumon facing off against Garurumon

If you haven’t heard already, Digimon Survive is a much different game from its own, or even other monster-taming game predecessors, with a unique approach to gameplay. Unlike past Digimon titles, Survive is a strategy-orientated RPG, with a heavy emphasis on narrative, branching paths, and decision making.

So, we thought we’d put together a Digimon Survive gameplay guide, detailing all the previews and sneak-peaks we’ve seen in the build-up to the Digimon Survive release date. How the game works hardly counts as spoilers, at least in my book anyway, but if you want to keep yourself as unaware as possible for your foray into the digital world, this might not be the guide for you. 

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Digimon Survive gameplay trailers

While I’d like to think I could do the Digimon Survive gameplay justice with my description of it, there’s no better way of getting some quick insight than with a trailer. So, check out the trailers below for a sneak peak of the strategy-based combat system, as well as a quick explanation as to how relationships and affinity function throughout your next adventure. 

YouTube Thumbnail

The most recent trailers have concentrated on showcasing both the narrative depth of Digimon Survive, as well as the strategy-based battle system, which looks similar to those found in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle or Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The slightly older gameplay trailer below teases more battle moments, as well as some exposition explaining the game’s story. 

YouTube Thumbnail

We also recommend you get your Digimon Survive pre-orders in to get the game on release day!

With that, you’re in the loop on what to expect from Digimon Survive gameplay ahead of the launch. For more fun in digital worlds, check out our list of the best Digimon games.