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Digimon Survive items – training, healing, and more

Whether you want to boost the powers of your Digimon pals, or just heal them when they’re in a pinch, we’ve got the only Digimon Survive item guide you need

A powered up WarGreymon after evolving in a battle with its jaw wide open

Not only is the world of Digimon Survive teeming with mighty monsters to recruit, befriend, and fight, but there’s a wealth of helpful items hiding in nooks and crannies waiting to be added to your collection. From HP boosting mushrooms to kick-ass ATK buff carrots, there’s a little something for all of your hungry Digimon Pals, but getting your hands on them is a whole other story. 

So, we’ve put together this Digimon Survive items guide, running you through the best way of picking up items to boost your party, as well as the exact effect of each individual stat boosting veggie or fruit. No matter whether you’re just picking up Digimon Survive, or you’re well into a new game plus run, getting your head around these items is sure to boost your battling prowess, especially if you want to boost the difficulty for a challenge. 

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Where do I find Digimon Survive items? 

The good news for Takuma, Minoru, and the rest of the Digimon Survive gang is that coming across items is pretty commonplace, and there are multiple ways of picking up some extra bits and bobs for your backpack. We’ve listed them below, but if we come across any fancy new methods of grabbing a banana or two, then we’ll be sure to update this guide. 

  • Opening chests in battles (you need to attack a chest to open it) 
  • Talking to enemies in free or shadow battles and using the same path you would to add another Digimon Survive recruit to your roster, but request an item instead
  • Gifts from your friends, both human and Digimon 

Inventory screen from Digimon Survive with giant mushroom HP boosting item

All Digimon Survive items for training 

Below you will find all the Digimon Survive training items we’ve found so far in the digital world, and we’ll be back to update it regularly with any newly discovered fruits or veggies. 

Item Effect
Giant Mushroom Raises target’s HP
Giant Odd Mushroom  Greatly raises target’s HP
Sincerity Melon Raises target’s max SP
Large Sincerity Melon Greatly raises target’s max SP
Power Pineapple  Raises target’s PHYS ATK
Superpower Pineapple  Greatly raises target’s PHYS ATK
Crisp Apple Raises target’s PHYS DEF
Crunchy Apple Greatly raises target’s PHYS DEF
Clobber Carrot Raises target’s SP ATK
Crunchy Clobber Carrot Greatly raises target’s SP ATK
Earnest Banana Raises SPD of the target
All-Out Banana  Greatly raises SPD of the target 
Growth Stone Slightly boosts target’s EXP 
Great Growth Stone Boosts target’s EXP
Amulet Acorn Raises SP DEF of the target 
Rare Amulet Acorn Greatly raises SP DEF of the target 

How do I use a Digimon Survive training item?

If you want to use your training items on your Digimon, follow the simple steps below. Just keep in mind you can only train outside of battle, so if you’re already stuck in a battle and need a boost to win, it might be better to surrender, train in free battle, and start again. 

  • Pause Digimon Survive 
  • Select the status option from the menu
  • Pick out the Digimon you want to train
  • Tab over to the training menu
  • Select the item you want to use
  • Confirm the use of the item
  • Take to battle with boosted stats! 

Digimon Survive training and battle item inventory showing the bandage item

All Digimon Survive items for battle

While you can’t use training items in battle, Digimon Survive does have a bunch of items to quickly heal up, grab some extra XP, or just help you out of a jam in general. All the items we’ve found so far are listed in the table below. 

Item Effect
Bandage Slightly restores the target’s HP 
Big Bandage Restores target’s HP
Clean Dressing  Greatly restores target HP
Salve pack Slightly restores the HP of those in range
All-Purpose Ointment Restores HP of targets in range
Ribs Slightly restores the target’s SP
Choice Ribs Restores target’s SP
Rib Platter Slightly restores the SP of those in range
Rib Party Set Restores SP of targets in range
Boost Seed Cures all target’s stat abnormalities 
Boost Bushel Cures all stat abnormalities in the area
Energy Seed Cure all stat reductions on the target
Fresh Snakehead Completely restores the target

With that, you’re fully up-to-date on all the Digimon items you need to make it through this dark and danger-filled adventure. If you get through Digimon Survive and you’re still hungry for more monsters, take a browse through our picks of the best Digimon games