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Digimon Survive karma - the good, the bad, and the neutral

Our Digimon Survive karma guide has everything you need to know about the digital world’s branching paths to harmony, wrath, and morality

All of the characters from Digimon Survive look up at a screen with faces of concern

Unlike the Digimon games of old, Digimon Survive has a karma system as part of its branching narrative paths, with the decisions you make affecting how your journey pans out. Not only is the system related to how your Digimon evolve, but it also affects the ending you experience and your chances of making friends along the way.

So, we’ve put together a Digimon Survive karma guide, making it easier to avoid putting a foot wrong as you set out to find your way home from the digital world. With three main options to choose from at each junction, and multiple branching paths standing between you and explaining the mysteries of the dilapidated landscape, it’s pivotal that you know where to go from the outset, so of course, we’ve got you covered. 

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What is Digimon Survive karma? 

There are three different kinds of karma in Digimon Survive, known as moral, harmony, and wrathful. These karma types are pretty self-explanatory, but if you want to make sure you know what you’re getting into, we’ve gone into more detail on each of them further down the page. 

Each dialogue or story option has three options to choose from, moral on the left, harmony on the right, and wrathful at the top. With all the consequential options in Digimon Survive, you can’t redo without starting a new save, so be sure to think things through before selecting a response.

There’s also an attribute associated with each karma type, making it easier for you to convince monsters of a specific attribute based on your karma points. We’ve detailed the preferred attribute for each karma typing further down the page, so you can adjust your playstyle to make a couple of new Digimon pals.

Digimon Survive evolution paths from Agumon to Tyranomon

The other big difference that karma makes on your adventure in the digital world is in how Agumon evolves, as well as several other specific Digimon. With Agumon, there are three different evolutionary paths to follow – Greymon along the moral line, Tyrannomon on the harmony line, and an as of yet unknown Digimon down the wrathful line. 

Digimon Survive karma types

Moral karma

  • Preferred attribute: Vaccine 
  • Dialogue option: left

All of the decisions that create moral karma are based on selflessness, justice, and leading with your heart on your sleeve. Unlike the peaceful passivity of harmony options or the unbridled aggression of wrathful decisions, moral decisions make a difference in the name of good. If you have more moral karma than any of the other types, it’s easier to convince Vaccine attribute Digimon to join the gang. 

Harmony karma

  • Preferred attribute: Data
  • Dialogue option: right

The neutral ground of the Digimon Survive karma types, harmony karma is about cooperation, understanding, and supporting your teammates emotionally in their new environment. A lot of the harmony decisions are more pacifistic, opting for words over action compared to moral and wrathful karma, but wild Data type Digimon will find this impressive enough to want to join your ranks. 

Wrathful karma 

  • Preferred attribute: Virus
  • Dialogue option: top

As you can probably assume, wrathful karma is from brazen, single-minded, and potentially selfish decisions that put Takuma and the rest of the team in danger.  Still, if you want to convince as many Virus attribute Digimon to join your roster, the best way is to go all out wrathful and form a team of melancholy monsters to take down Garururmon. 

Japanese Digimon Survive screenshot showing friend karma ratings and the visualisation in the bottom corner

Where can I find my Digimon Survive karma rating? 

You can find your Digimon Survive karma rating by going to the profile menu and looking in the bottom right corner. The karma-analysis meter gives you the exact number of points you have for each of the three variations, as well as a visual analysis of how the three relate to each other. If you want to try and change your karma, you can keep an eye on it from this visualisation anytime you need. 


With that, you’re ready to pursue the Digimon Survive karma that takes you on the path you most want to walk down, whether it be nice, nasty, or somewhere in between. Once you’ve experienced all three, why not stick around in the world of digital monsters with our picks for the best Digimon games