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Digimon Survive memories - find the full story

If you want to know all the ins and outs of the parallel world, you need to get your head around Digimon Survive memories to uncover the hidden secrets

One of the important characters from the Digimon Survive memories stories, Haru as a child stands in a slightly sunlit space looking right at the player

The mementoes known as Digimon Survive memories that litter the parallel world offer you an insight into the mysteries lurking underneath this visual novel, they offer you a real understanding of the game based on the insight they offer. However, it can be difficult to hunt down all these hidden texts, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. 

That’s why we’ve put together this Digimon Survive memories guide, detailing the location of each of the collectable pieces of information. If you didn’t know, it’s also worth mentioning that if you collect all five of the three memory stories, you receive an equippable move for your Digimon that is well worth the time spent hunting down memories. 

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What are Digimon Survive memories? 

Digimon Survive memories, or perceived memories to give them the full name, are small stories you find scattered around the digital world that offer more insight into some of the game’s biggest mysteries, including the link between worlds, how Digimon feel towards humans, and some more context regarding Haru and Miyuku’s journey. As we mentioned earlier, if you collect all five Digimon Survive memories from a specific set, you unlock a powerful move for your Digimon, which is especially useful in new game plus mode. 

Field guide inventory showing some Digimon Survive memories with their names

There’s one caveat in understanding Digimon Survive memories: to get them all you need to go through at least two playthroughs while getting creative with your Digimon Survive karma, as each memory path is connected to your moral, wrath, or harmony ratings. The easiest method to get all three is through three playthroughs of each karma type, but can you try your own means to get them all quicker if you’re feeling inventive. 

Spirited Away Digimon Survive memories 

Reward: Extreme Boost – this attack deals high damage and inflicts sleep for the cost of two ranks of physical defence and special defence

Memory chapter Location How to find 
One Woods by Shrine Scan the tree near Agumon to find the distortion
Two Spider Lily Forest Scan the distortion by the tree on the right of the screen
Three  Woods Near City During part 6 of the story, scan the trees on the right of the city gates to find the distortion
Four  Spider Lily Forest During part nine of the moral route return to Spider Lily Forest and scan for the distortion
Five Final Battle Scan the area for distortion before your final battle

All in the Seasoning Digimon Survive memories 

Reward: Celestial Blade – this attack deals light damage and has a chance of raising your physical attack and special attack by two stages

Memory chapter Location How to find 
One Inner Shine Entrance Scan the right of the screen to find the distortion
Two Central Plaza (Amusement Park)  Scan the right of the screen to find the distortion
Three  Ruined Apartment  Scan above Dracmon to find the distortion
Four  Woods by Library  In part 11 of the wrath route, scan the area to find the distortion
Five Inner Shine Entrance  In part 12 of the wrath route, scan the area to find the distortion

A abandoned town with a group of defeated Dokugumon from a cutscene in Digimon Survive

The Tale of the Mural Digimon Survive memories 

Reward: Unknown (check back soon!) 

Memory chapter Location How to find 
One Shrine Scan the stairs near the shrine to find the distortion
Two Cafeteria Scan near Saki to find the distortion 
Three  Underground Waterway  Scan the distortion near Aoi after reuniting with her
Four  Unknown Harmonious path exclusive TBA
Five Unknown Harmonious path exclusive TBA

With that, you can hunt down all the Digimon Survive memories and add some killer moves to your inventory. For more general tips and tricks for getting through this dangerous departure from the classic Digimon experience, check out our Digimon Survive guide