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Digimon Survive slabs - how find and farm the item

The hottest commodity in the dark digital world, Digimon Survive slabs are the only way of unleashing the true power of your Digimon recruits

Minoru's Diatrymon after evolving with it's long neck and sharp jaws, though this evolution does not require a Digimon Survive slab

If you want to meet some ultimate monsters in the post-apocalyptic digital world, you’re going to need to get your head around Digimon Survive slabs. These all-important items are the key to unlocking your party’s full potential and unleashing some legendary Digimon with Takuma and the gang. 

So, we’ve put together a comprehensive Digimon Survive slab guide, putting you on the path to victory with your Digimon pals. These slabs, properly known as Digimon Survive enlightenment slabs, are the only way of evolving the Digimon you find in free battle mode, so their importance is obvious from the outset, and they’re probably the game’s most precious resource. 

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What are Digimon Survive slabs? 

To evolve your Digimon in Digimon Survive, you need a few slabs, or enlightenment slabs to give them their full name. There’s one caveat in that each evolutionary stage has its own enlightenment slab, so to make it easier for you to figure out what you need to find, we’ve listed them below. 

  • Rookie to Champion – Mature Enlightenment Slab
  • Champion to Ultimate – Perfect Enlightenment Slab
  • Ultimate to Mega – Ultimate Enlightenment Slab

Unfortunately, there are no shops or marketplaces in Digimon Survive, so finding these precious items is left up to you. However, we do have a little more help with that in our next section. 

Screenshot of a Digimon Survive slab in the main menu, this particular slab is the mature enlightenment slab

Where do I find Digimon Survive enlightenment slabs? 

You can find mature enlightenment slabs from part two, perfect enlightenment slabs from part six, and ultimate enlightenment slabs in the late game, all littered around Digimon Survive’s game world. You’re most likely to find these items either in a boss battle treasure chest or by using your camera phone on a glitch in an explorable area. However, you can occasionally pick them up from regular battles, and Agumon finds one or two as a gift for Takuma. 

How do I use Digimon Survive enlightenment slabs? 

You can use your Digimon Survive slabs to evolve monsters, but remember, once you have made the decision, there’s no going back, and if you want the same rookie/champion again, you’ll have to track it down in free battles. If you’re happy to turn your Patamon into Angemon, or whatever particular Digimon Survive evolution you’re looking for, follow these simple steps. 

  • Pause the game
  • On the menu screen, select status to see your Digimon
  • Select the Digimon you want to evolve
  • Tab over to the evolution menu 
  • Select the evolution you’re looking for 
  • Confirm the use of an enlightenment slab 
  • Evolve!

How do I farm Digimon Survive slabs?

There’s a special method for farming Digimon Survive slabs, but only perfect enlightenment slabs. To do this, you need to be at around the part 6 mark, just after making your way to the second island, so you can find Monzaemon in free battle. Once you’ve found a free battle with Monzaemon, you need to begin a dialogue and answer all of the questions correctly. If you need help with that, see the table below. 

Question Correct answer
Do you… wanna… fight…?  I don’t want to fight
Would you… use violence… to protect others…?  Try something else
Stepping on… flowers… makes me… sad… What a nice ‘mon
Do you… treasure… your comrades?  More than anything
All… you need… is love…  That’s a tough sell
Mutual… understanding… would end… conflict… That’s not enough
Get… Away from here… Appreciate the advice!

Once you’ve got Monzaemon to the highest rank of six points out of six points, you can either ask them to join your team or to give you an item. Monzaemon will always give you a perfect enlightenment slab, so select the item option, and get some ultimate Digimon in your roster. 

A screenshot of one of Monzaemon's questions in Digimon Survive second island free battle area

There you have it, now you’re fully enlightened on Digimon Survive slabs, where to find them, farm them, and how to use them. For more enchanting expeditions, check out our picks of the best exploration games on Switch and mobile.