Get spooky with the Disney Dreamlight Valley Halloween decor

With heaps of Disney Dreamlight Valley Halloween furniture, outfits, and more to collect, residents everywhere are getting in the spooky spirit - and we love it

Disney Dreamlight Valley Halloween decor surrounding a player in a plague mask and a spooky dress

It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Disney Dreamlight Valley. No, not Christmas – though we can already hear the distant falsetto tones of Mariah Carey, we’ve got quite a few more sleeps to go. We’re talking about spooky season, and many of you are bringing those autumnal tones and frightful fittings to your enchanting valleys.

With the arrival of a certain villainous lion and the delightfully diabolical Disney Dreamlight Valley Villains’ Star Path, residents all over the world have been embracing Disney Dreamlight Valley Halloween décor, with a mixture of creepy and cosy layouts, clothing designs, and more.

There are plenty of suitably spooky pieces to add to your collection, from perfect pumpkins to skeleton suits, that seem to be getting everyone into the mood for some real Halloween fun. As a result, we’ve been delightedly trawling through your creations on r/DreamlightValley, many of which are festive enough to give Tim Burton a run for his money.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Halloween items

If you’re looking to find some delightful décor this Halloween, be sure to claim all the Disney Dreamlight Valley Villains’ Star Path rewards by heading to the event tab and either completing star path duties or purchasing pumpkin tokens with your moonstones. You can also earn some exclusive pumpkins and trick-or-treater’s bounty bowls by completing the new village duties with the Jack-o-Lantern icons. They’re a bit ambiguous, so here’s how to complete them.

Sugar Rush

  • Objective: eat 15/30/45 candy
  • Reward: happy Jack-O’-Lantern, mischievous Jack-O’-Lantern, friendly Jack-O’-Lantern

Trick or Treat

  • Objective: give gifts to ten different villagers
  • Reward: Mickey Mouse pumpkin

Villainy Wears Many Masks

  • Objective: wear a mask (including The Incredibles mask you can get from the current Star Path rewards)
  • Reward: purple trick-or-treater’s bounty

Stockpiling Pumpkins

  • Objective: harvest 100 pumpkins
  • Reward: pumpkin stack

Eat a 3-course Halloween Meal

  • Objective: interact with the sparkling trick-or-treaters’ bounty bowls around your valley, then eat three different colours of candy from them
  • Reward: green trick-or-treater’s bounty

Note that when you complete these duties, the Halloween décor rewards appear in your furniture inventory without notifying you, so just open decorating mode and get vilifying your valley!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Halloween layouts and outfits

Here are some of our favourite Halloween Valley layouts and outfits from Reddit.

my take on Sally’s Dress from Nightmare Before Christmas from DreamlightValley

We might not have any in-game Nightmare Before Christmas references yet, but u/irrelevant_tastes has done a great job with this gorgeous Sally dress design. We love the pumpkin placement, too!

Decorated outside of my house 🎃 from DreamlightValley

The spooky vibes in u/CrazzyCattLady’s front lawn are so great, we wish it could be Halloween every day.

🎃 Spooky from DreamlightValley

u/Nixiss has really gotten into the Halloween spirit with this creepily cute dress and gorgeous spooky square.

Happy Spooky Season! from DreamlightValley

Pumpkins and plague masks and peril, oh my! u/MKasuke is certainly getting us in the mood for some frightful fun with this set-up.

There are so many more amazingly creepy creations on r/DreamlightValley, it was hard to choose. Be sure to check out the DDLV Showcase flair on the subreddit to find more inspiration! You can also head over to our Disney Dreamlight Valley update and Disney Dreamlight Valley events guides to keep up to date with everything going on in your enchanted kingdom.