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Disney Dreamlight Valley events

Thanks to our Disney Dreamlight Valley events guide, you can stay up to date with all the latest goings on in the valley, and pick up free rewards

Disney Dreamlight Valley events - Ursuala brewing potions in a cave

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a magical blend of Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, except it puts in you a world full of your favourite Disney and Pixar characters, all of which are ready and eager to help you restore the valley to its former glory. To make the area as beautiful as possible, you can place all manner of items, and dress to impress while you’re at it.

While the game has plenty of customisation options on offer already, Disney Dreamlight Valley events give you the opportunity to pick up even more in-game goodies. So, in this guide, we intend to keep you up to date with the latest Disney Dreamlight Valley content. Frequently, these events allow you to get items from franchises that don’t have characters in the game.

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Anyway, here are the current Disney Dreamlight Valley events.

Disney Dreamlight Valley events - Remy celebrating in front of a well

Disney Dreamlight Valley events

Disney Dreamlight Valley Pixar Fest

As the name indicates, the Disney Dreamlight Valley Pixar Fest event is a celebration of the most memorable Pixar IPs. To take part, you can visit the events tab in the pause menu of the game, where it gives you details on what to do.

During the event, you can complete a range of daily tasks which reward you with tokens, which in turn, you can spend in the Pixar Fest rewards shop, also found under the events tab.

Such daily duties include:

  • Sell meals
  • Mine various minerals
  • Harvest vegetables
  • Pick fruit
  • Cook meals
  • Have daily conversations


Naturally, all the rewards on offer revolve around Pixar and its iconic franchises. However, it’s worth noting that this works as a battle pass system, so while there are some free tigers, there are also premium rewards that you must spend in-game currency to gain access to.

You can get goodies from:

  • The Incredibles
  • Up
  • Toy Story
  • Monsters Inc
  • Cars

There you have it, the current Disney Dreamlight Valley events. Make sure you check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley crudites and Disney Dreamlight Valley ratatouille recipe guides if you enjoy cooking.

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