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So, the Disney Lorcana app is my new favorite thing on mobile

Despite not being an actual game, the Disney Lorcana app is soaking up all of my screen time thanks to its full catalog of cards and comprehensive guide.

Card art for Be My Guest with Lumiere and Cogsworth dancing for Disney Lorcana app news

If, like me, you’re eagerly anticipating the upcoming Disney-themed TCG from Ravensburger, then we’ve got good news. The Disney Lorcana app is now available on Android and iOS, with countless heroes from some of our favorite Disney games and movies on show in TCG form in the app. Somehow, it’s already becoming my new favorite thing to do on my phone, with my five-minute Candy Crush breaks now replaced with short bursts of time staring adoringly at the card art. That’s the power of Mickey Mouse for you.

For those that don’t know, Disney Lorcana is set to release in just a few days’ time in local game stores, with the full retail release arriving on September 1. This new TCG isn’t just for kids either, with some real strategy necessary to put a deck together and play. As a big fan of card games, I’ve spent the last few nights looking through the first TCG set’s entire catalog – fully available in the companion app – coming up with potential combos for when I finally have that sweet cardboard in my hand.

As far as TCG companion apps go, the Disney Lorcana offering really has it all. You can wishlist cards you want, note the ones you have, keep your score when playing, and even learn all the rules through a comprehensive game guide. Better still, every single Disney Lorcana card is set to get foil print, and you can check those beautiful shinies out with just the flick of a switch in the card catalog menu. Shiny Tigger already has my heart, and I’d do just about anything for him.

If you want to check out the Disney Lorcana companion app for yourself, it’s available via either the App Store or Google Play Store free of charge. It’s a good job that it’s a free download, too, as the sheer amount of booster packs I’m planning on picking up is sure to burn a hole in my wallet bigger than Captain Gantu’s intimidating muscles.

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Of course, what I’m hoping for in time is a true-to-life digital Disney Lorcana game, something akin to Pokémon TCG Live or Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel for a bit of online competition. Until such a thing arrives, I’m more than happy just to keep crafting decks and wishlisting cards in the catalog, praying I can pull some of those sweet foils when I finally get a booster pack in my hands.

There you have it, all you need to know about how I just can’t seem to get myself off the Disney Lorcana companion app. For more of Mickey Mouse and pals on your small screens, check out our guides to Disney Speedstorm characters, Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes, and Disney Dreamlight Valley gems. Or, if you can’t wait for this new game from Ravensburger, check out our sister site Wargamer’s Disney Lorcana review ahead of the launch.