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All Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes

Our list of all Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes features the ingredients you need for every dish, proving that anyone can cook like Remy - even you.

Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes - Remy in his kitchen, surrounded by a range of tasty DDLV meals

In this guide, we list every single Disney Dreamlight Valley recipe you can unlock, along with all the ingredients they require. Categorised by dish type, you’ll be able to whip up every appetiser, entree, and dessert in no time at all to keep your companions happy and your pouch of star coins full. As Chef Auguste Gusteau wisely said, ‘anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great’.

For help gathering everything you need for your recipes, you should check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley fish guide. We’ve got a bunch of other handy DDLV bits and bobs, too, including our Disney Dreamlight Valley realms, Disney Dreamlight Valley gems, and Disney Dreamlight Valley critters guides.

Now, let’s dive into everything you need to know about all DDLV recipes.

All Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes

Here are all the Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes, split into appetizers, mains, and desserts.

Disney Dreamlight Valley recipe - Remy with Arendellian pickled herring

Dreamlight Valley appetizer recipes

Meal Ingredients Base sell price
Arendellian pickled herring Herring, lemon, onion, garlic, any spice 532
Bell pepper puffs Pepper, egg, cheese 606
Buñuelos Wheat, cheese, milk, egg 948
Cheese platter Cheese 216
Chili pepper puffs Chili, egg, cheese 669
Coffee Coffee bean 43
Crackers Any grain Two
Creamy soup Any spice, milk, potato, any vegetable 568
Crudités Any vegetable 26
Dream Fizz Dreamlight fruit, sugarcane, wheat, slush ice 316
Eggplant puffs Eggplant, egg, cheese 991
French fries Canola, potato 304
Gazpacho Cucumber, tomato, onion, any spice 548
Green salad Lettuce, any vegetable 20
Grilled vegetables Any vegetable Nine
Grilled veggie platter Any three vegetables 33
Hard-boiled eggs Egg 264
Large seafood platter Any four seafood, lemon 56
Latte Coffee bean, milk 354
Mocha Coffee bean, milk, cocoa bean 425
Okra soup Okra 136
Onion puffs Onion, egg, cheese 798
Oyster platter Oyster, lemon 107
Peppermint tea Lemon, mint 107
Pickled herring Herring, lemon, onion, any spice 423
Potato leek soup Leek, potato, milk, onion, garlic 1.4k
Potato puffs Potato, egg, cheese 736
Pottage Potato, any spice, any vegetable 208
Pumpkin puffs Pumpkin, egg, cheese 1.4k
Pumpkin soup Any vegetable, milk, ginger, pumpkin 1.4k
Puree Potato 151
Roasted asparagus Asparagus, canola 313
Salad Lettuce Nine
Sauteed mushrooms Mushroom, butter 286
Seafood appetizer Any seafood One
Seafood platter Any two seafood Two
Souffle  Cheese, egg, milk, butter 1.2k
Tomato soup Tomato 26
Vegetable soup Any two vegetables 20
Zucchini puffs Zucchini, egg, cheese 632

A player at the cooking pot looking at Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes with Remy at the side

Dreamlight Valley entree recipes

Meal Ingredients Base sell price
Apple cider glazed salmon Salmon, sugarcane, apple 271
Baked carp Carp, butter 767
Basil omelet Basil, egg, cheese, milk 1k
Bouillabaisse Any two seafood, shrimp, tomato, any vegetable 529
Carp salad Carp, lemon, lettuce 617
Cheesy crispy baked cod Cod, wheat, cheese 303
Chowder Any seafood, milk, potato, any vegetable 547
Creamy garlic scallops Scallop, lemon, butter, garlic 484
Crispy baked cod Cod, wheat 47
Fish creole Any fish, any vegetable, garlic, rice, tomato 225
Fish ‘n’ chips Any fish, wheat, canola, potato 356
Fish pasta Any fish, garlic, wheat, milk 424
Fish pie Any fish, wheat, butter 269
Fish risotto Any fish, rice, butter 352
Fish salad Any fish, lemon, salad 58
Fish sandwiches Any fish, wheat Three
Fish soup Any fish, any vegetable, milk 334
Fish steak Any fish, tomato, basil 101
Fish tacos Any fish, corn, chili, cheese 412
Fugu sushi Fugu, rice, seaweed 1.3k
Ghostly Fish Steak Here and there fish, bell pepper, lemon, oregano 3.5k
Greek pizza Any spice, tomato, onion, cheese, wheat 622
Grilled fish Any fish One
Grilled fish entree Any fish, any vegetable 11
Gumbo Okra, shrimp, chili, tomato, onion 1k
Hearty salad Any two vegetables, lettuce 33
Hors d’oeuvres Any spice 18
Kappa maki Seaweed, cucumber, rice 335
Kronk’s spinach puffs Spinach, cheese, canola 461
Lancetfish paella Lancetfish, shrimp, any seafood, tomato, rice 16k
Leek soup Leek 370
Lemon garlic swordfish Swordfish, lemon, garlic 1k
Lioness Feast Mushroom, tomato, oregano, here and there fish 3.1k
Lobster roll Lobster, wheat, lemon, butter, garlic 1.9k
Maguro sushi Tuna, seaweed, rice, ginger  338
Maki Any fish, seaweed, rice 114
Margherita pizza Any spice, tomato, cheese, wheat 328
Marvelous jam Wheat, dreamlight fruit 54
Mediterranean salad Cucumber, tomato, onion, lettuce, any spice 597
Mushroom pizza Mushroom, wheat, tomato, cheese 351
Mushu’s congee Rice, egg, mushroom, garlic, ginger 657
Omelet Egg, cheese, milk 882
Pan-fried angler fish Anglerfish, tomato, zucchini, potato 2.5k
Pan-seared bass & vegetables Bass, any two vegetables 57
Pan-seared tilapia & vegetables Tilapia, any two vegetables 862
Pasta Wheat, tomato 30
Peanut butter sandwich Peanut, wheat 262
Pizza Tomato, cheese, wheat 284
Poached basil-butter sturgeon Sturgeon, lemon, basil, butter 2.2k
Porridge Milk, wheat 301
Porridge with fruits Milk, wheat, any fruit 336
Ranch salad Lettuce, pepper, corn, tomato, onion 396
Ratatouille Tomato, eggplant, zucchini, onion, any spice  906
Sake maki Rice, seaweed, salmon 323
Sake sushi Salmon, rice 274
Savory fish Any fish, lemon 43
Scrambled egg Egg, cheese 520
Seafood pasta Any seafood, wheat, milk 325
Seafood pie Any seafood, wheat, butter 269
Seafood salad Any seafood, lettuce 11
Seafood soup Any seafood, any two vegetables 23
Seared rainbow trout Rainbow trout, tomato, onion 338
Simple fried perch Perch, wheat, butter 380
Smoked peanuts and anglerfish Anglerfish, peanuts 2.2k
Sole meuniere Sole, wheat, butter, lemon 637
Spaghetti arrabbiata Tomato, wheat, chili 141
Spicy baked bream Bream, chili, butter 767
Steamed fugu Fugu, ginger, garlic 1.4k
Sushi Any fish, rice 80
Sweet & sour kingfish steak Kingfish, sugarcane, lemon 702
Sweet udon Dreamlight fruit, rice, any seafood, any sweet 180
Tamagoyaki Egg, sugarcane 310
Tasty salad Lettuce, cucumber, any vegetable, any spice 284
Tasty veggies Any vegetable, any spice 29
Tekka maki Tuna, soy, seaweed, rice 366
Teriyaki salmon Soy, salmon, sugarcane, rice, ginger 557
Tuna burger Tuna, onion, lemon, wheat, any vegetable 491
Vegetarian pizza Any two vegetables, tomato, cheese, wheat 350
Vegetarian stew Potato, carrot, onion 475
Vegetarian taco Corn, chili, cheese, any vegetable 423
Veggie casserole Any two vegetables, cheese, any spice 316
Veggie pasta Tomato, wheat, any vegetable 43
Veggie pie Any vegetable, wheat, butter 279
Veggie skewers Mushroom, zucchini, onion, pepper 427
Walleye en papillote Walleye, basil, oregano, any vegetable 1.8k

Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes - a wedding cake with Remy sat next to it

Dreamlight Valley dessert recipes

To make a lot of the Disney Dreamlight Valley desserts, you need the ingredient slush ice. You only get access to this after completing Remy’s level ten friendship quest, at which point you can buy it at the pantry in the Chez Remy restaurant for 150 star coins.

You gain the recipe for root beer when making Disney Dreamlight Valley fizzy root beer in the Scar questline.

Disney Dreamlight Valley recipe Ingredients Base sell price
“My Hero” cookie Wheat, butter, any sweet 294
Apple pie Apple, wheat, butter 303
Apple sorbet Slush ice, apple, sugarcane 271
Aurora’s cake Wheat, sugarcane, egg, any fruit, milk 767
Banana ice cream Slush ice, banana, milk, sugarcane 641
Banana pie Banana, wheat, butter 308
Banana split Slush ice, banana, milk, sugarcane, any sweet 714
Beignets Canola, wheat, egg, sugarcane 524
Berry salad Raspberry, blueberry, gooseberry 139
Birthday cake Cocoa bean, wheat, sugarcane, egg, butter 749
Biscuits Wheat, sugarcane, butter 294
Blueberry pie Blueberry, wheat, butter 308
Boba tea Milk, sugarcane 323
Candy Any sweet 22
Caramel apples Sugarcane, apple 56
Carrot cake Carrot, wheat, egg, sugarcane 427
Cheesecake Cheese, wheat, sugarcane, any fruit 314
Cherry pie Cherry, wheat, butter 326
Chocolate chip cookies Cocoa bean, wheat, sugarcane, butter 373
Chocolate ice cream Cocoa bean, sugarcane, milk, slush ice 655
Chocolate waffles Cocoa bean, wheat, egg, milk 735
Coconut boba tea Milk, sugarcane, coconut 406
Coconut cake Coconut, wheat, egg, sugarcane 424
Coconut ice cream Slush ice, milk, sugarcane, coconut 661
Crepe Wheat, egg, milk, vanilla 753
Dream ice cream Dreamlight fruit, milk, slush ice 588
Fruit salad Any fruit Ten
Fruit sorbet Slush ice, any fruit 206
Fruitcake Wheat, three of any fruit 42
Gingerbread house Wheat, sugarcane, ginger, vanilla, egg 545
Gooseberry boba tea Milk, sugarcane, gooseberry  418
Gray stuff Any dairy & oil, sugarcane, cocoa bean 114
Hot cocoa Milk, cocoa beans, sugarcane 401
Ice cream Slush ice, milk, sugarcane 558
Jam waffles Any fruit, wheat, egg, milk 691
Lemon sorbet Ice slush, lemon 237
Meringue pie Lemon, wheat, egg, butter 667
Minnie’s gingerbread cookies Ginger, wheat 67
Mint boba tea Milk, sugarcane, mint 418
Mint candy Mint, sugarcane 89
Mint chocolate Mint, sugarcane, butter, cocoa bean 445
Mint sorbet Slush ice, mint 260
Pastry cream and fruits Any three fruit, milk, sugarcane 440
Pawpsicle Slush ice, sugarcane, any fruit 248
Peanut butter waffles Peanuts, wheat, eggs, milk 978
Plain snow cones Any ice 180
Raspberry boba tea Milk, sugarcane, raspberry 377
Red fruit pie Any fruit, wheat, butter 280
Red fruit sorbet Slush ice, raspberry, gooseberry, sugarcane 359
Root beer Ginger, vanilla, sugarcane 166
Shake Any dairy & oil 30
Snow White’s gooseberry pie Gooseberry, wheat, butter 338
Sour snow cones Slush ice, lemon, sugarcane 282
Sweet slush Slush ice, any sweet 219
Tropical pop Slush ice, any fruit, sugarcane, coconut 329
Vanilla ice cream Slush ice, milk, sugarcane, vanilla 673
Waffles Wheat, milk, egg, any sweet 706
Wedding cake Butter, sugarcane, vanilla, egg, wheat 769
Whimsical pie Dreamlight fruit, wheat, butter 324
Wonderland cookies Butter, sugarcane, vanilla, wheat 391
Yule log Wheat, vanilla, cocoa bean, cherries 198

Dreamlight Valley event recipes

The following recipes require event-exclusive ingredients. Therefore, if you missed the event and don’t have the ingredients, you have to wait until the event rerun the following year.

Recipe Ingredients Base sell price
Spring chocolate Spring V-EGG-etable, sugarcane, cocoa bean 254
Spring egg bowl Egg-cellent fruit, spring V-EGG-etable, wild spring egg, cocoa bean, sugarcane 370
Spring mimosa eggs Spring V-EGG-etable, wild spring egg, egg-cellent- fruit, basil 336

All DDV Eternity Isle recipes

Here are all the recipes you can unlock if you have the Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time expansion.

The expansion introduces three types of meat as ingredients – pork, poultry, and venison. You get these by completing Gaston’s level two friendship quest, then purchasing them from the stall.

Unfortunately, meat doesn’t appear to fall under a specific ingredient category at the moment – but don’t worry, you can still find them. Simply open the cooking menu at a cooking station, go to the ‘all ingredients’ tab (marked by the infinity symbol), then scroll the the very bottom – your meat should be on the last page.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Eternity Isle recipes - a player character cooking Baozi in their home

Eternity Isle appetizer recipes

Meal Ingredients Base sell price
Arepas con queso Corn, cheese, agave 309
Baozi Pork, wheat, soya, any spice 503
Barbecued brilliant blue starfish Brilliant blue starfish, mint 1.2k
Barbecued pretty pink starfish Pretty pink starfish, paprika 1.2k
Bulgur salad Wheat, tomato, mint, cucumber, any spice 396
Clam juice Clam, tomato 93
Coleslaw Cabbage, carrot 389
Conch ceviche Sea snail, onion, tomato, lemon 712
Crab melts Crab, cheese 1,014
Dumplings Wheat, soya, any meat, any vegetable 493
Falafel Beans, garlic, cumin 159
Nuts and bolts Robot fish, almonds 866
Roasted almonds Almonds, agave 86
Royal ice tea Slush ice, majestea 234
Royal latte Milk, majestea 338
Royal tea Majestea 36
Sand worm carpaccio plate Sand worm, melon 1.1k
Shad ceviche Tomato, lemon, onion, shad 427
Spicy scorpion skewer Scorpion, paprika 617
Takoyaki stick Soya, egg, seaweed, octopus 898
Thousand needles Brilliant blue starfish, pretty pink starfish, cactoberries 93
Vegetarian dumplings Soya, wheat, any vegetable 109

Disney Dreamlight Valley Eternity Isle recipes - a player character cooking at a campfire in the desert, looking over all their entree recipes

Eternity Isle entree recipes

Meal Ingredients Base sell price
Ajiaco Corn, poultry, potato 898
Baked beans Beans, pork 388
Best fish forever Sea snail, celery, robot fish, cumin 1.4k
Biryani Rice, poultry, mint, cumin cinnamon 1k
Blend of the Bayou Butter, celery, rice, prisma shrimp, any spice 2.4k
Bony osso buco Skeleton fish, celery, grapes, any vegetable 272
Braised abalone Sea snail, oyster, garlic, mushroom 570
Braised bamboo shoots Canola, soya, bamboo, ginger 401
Brandade de morue Potato, milk, cod, garlic, lemon 757
Burrito Any meat, beans, wheat, cumin 473
Butter chicken Tomato, butter, lemon, cumin, poultry 1.2k
Cheeseburger Any vegetable, venison, wheat, cheese 1.7k
Chicken souvlaki Poultry, mint, paprika, lemon 949
Classic mac and cheese Cheese, wheat 236
Club sandwich Poultry, pork, tomato, wheat 1.1k
Coq en barbouille Poultry, grapes, onion, any vegetable 1k
Cream cheese bagel Wheat, cheese, any sweet 280
Crimson burger Ruby lentils, wheat, any vegetable 231
Dragon roll maki Electric eel, rice, seaweed, any vegetable 1.6k
Fabulous fajitas Poultry, wheat, cumin, two vegetables 851
Good ol’ fashioned burger Venison, wheat, lettuce 1.4k
Hamburger steak Potato, venison, beans, any vegetable 1.7k
Hawaiian pizza Pineapple, wheat, tomato, pork, cheese 1.5k
Jerk chicken Onion, garlic, any spice, poultry 1.1k
Latkes Onion, potato, egg, canola 937
Lo-fries Yam, canola, flute root 358
Meat pie Butter, wheat, any meat 618
Meaty taco Any vegetable, chili pepper, corn, venison, cumin 1.7k
Milky way stew Cosmic fig, rainbow trout, milk, turnip 733
Moqueca de pirarucu Coconut, pirarucu, two vegetables 1k
Nachos Corn, cheese, chili pepper 383
Pasta with herbs Wheat, butter, any spice 383
Pesto with linguine Oregano, garlic, wheat, butter 438
Piquant piranha soup Bamboo, chili pepper, piranha 1.9k
Poutine Cheese, canola, potato 580
Pulled pork Pork, onion, tomato, oregano 738
Pupusas revueltas Corn, beans, poultry 790
Rainbouillabaisse Prisma shrimp, any seafood, rainbow trout, tomato, any vegetable 2k
Ramen Egg, pork, wheat 660
Rhapsody roll Rice, seaweed, flute root, any vegetable 300
Roast Any meat 300
Royal burger Pork, cheese, wheat, venison, any vegetable 2.3k
Ruby masoor dal Chili pepper, tomato, ruby lentils 357
Sand stew Sand worm, dunebopper, sand fish, any vegetable, any spice 2.2k
Sausage and sauerkraut platter Potato, pork, cabbage 885
Schnitzel Canola, wheat, poultry 854
Sesame seed bagel Wheat, any sweet 26
Shawarma Garlic, lemon, cinnamon, venison, rice 1.8k
Shish taouk Garlic, rice, poultry, lemon, oregano 1.1k
Sweet and sour stir-fry Poultry, broccoli, dreamango, pineapple, canola 2.1k
Tandoori chicken Cumin, chili pepper, paprika, poultry 964
Tofu Soya 82
Tourtiere Wheat, potato, venison, any vegetable 1.7k
Turkey leg Agave, paprika, cumin, poultry 884
Turnip tartiflette Turnip, pork, cheese 863
Vegetarian turnip tartiflette Turnip, mushroom, soya 399
Yakisoba Pork, wheat, cabbage 710

Disney Dreamlight Valley Eternity Isle recipes - a player character cooking a red velvet cake

Eternity Isle dessert recipes

Meal Ingredients Base sell price
Apple sauce Cinnamon, apple 70
Basil berry salad Basil, blueberry, strawberry 142
Cannoli Vanilla, cheese, wheat, egg 678
Caramel macarons Egg, agave, almonds 400
Charlotte cake Strawberry, agave, wheat 70
Chocolate macarons Egg, almonds, cocoa bean 420
Cinnamon donut Wheat, cinnamon, egg, any sweet 405
Cotton candy Sugarcane, agave 56
Croissant Butter, wheat 250
Cupcakes Wheat, agave, cherry, egg 433
Danish Wheat, butter, two fruit 315
Dreamango boba tea Dreamango, sugarcane, milk 418
French macarons Egg, almonds 340
Fruit milkshake Milk, slush ice, any fruit 544
Glazed donut Wheat, egg, any sweet 336
Gourmet grubs Sea snail, sand worm, scorpion 2k
Jam macarons Almonds, any fruit, egg 378
Kanelbulle Wheat, butter, egg, cinnamon 663
Kouign-amann Wheat, two butter, agave 610
Maamouls Wheat, dates, almonds 100
Makrout Canola, dates, wheat, cinnamon 254
Melon boba tea Melon, milk, sugarcane 478
Mooncake Canola, agave, beans, wheat 276
Nestling crepe Wheat, egg, milk, nestling pear 715
Pasteis de nata Corn, milk, egg, vanilla 774
Pear upside-down cake Egg, nestling pear, wheat 345
Pineapple soft serve Pineapple, slush ice 886
Popcorn Canola, corn 161
Raspberry jam sandwich Raspberry, wheat 29
Red velvet Vanilla, wheat, cheese, egg, cocoa bean 783
Spicy macarons Almonds, egg, chili pepper 475
Spiky berry pie Any spice, cactoberries, strawberry, butter, wheat 421
Stellar milkshake cosmic figs, milk, slush ice 562
Strawberry pie Strawberry, butter, wheat 300
Strawberry shortcake Strawberry, wheat, egg 342
Stuffed dates Dates, almonds 91
Sugar-free banana muffin Banana, wheat 39
Sugar-free blueberry muffin Blueberry, wheat 39
Sugar-free fruit explosion muffin Two fruit, agave, wheat 66
Sugar-free fruit muffin Any fruit, wheat 13
Sweet popcorn Canola, agave, corn 209
Sweet tofu Any fruit, soya 100
Taiyaki Sand fish, beans 102
Vanilla macarons Almonds, egg, vanilla 436

How do I cook in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

If you want to cook in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you first need to be somewhere that allows you to use a stove. This can be in a house or cooking stations found in different areas, such as the one in the Frozen realm.

Next, you need to chuck your ingredients in the pot. You can use up to five items, ranging from fish to dairy, fruit, spice, vegetables, and more. Then, you need to use one piece of coal to cook the meal. If you want a couple of suggestions to get you started, our Disney Dreamlight Valley crudites and Disney Dreamlight Valley ratatouille recipe guides can help you out. Oh, and Disney Dreamlight Valley mushrooms are quite a versatile ingredient.

How do I get meat in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The Disney Dreamlight Valley A Rift In Time expansion introduced a selection of Eternity Isle recipes that require meat – namely poultry, pork, and venison. But don’t worry, you don’t have to go hunting yourself, as all of this ‘meat’ comes from the magical ‘Freezer of Infinite Meat’, and you can purchase it from Gaston’s stall!

In order to unlock Gaston’s stall, you need to progress through the Eternity Isle main story quest Island In the Rough in order to befriend Gaston. Then, you need to get Gaston to friendship level 2 and complete his ‘Center of Attention’ friendship quest by fixing up his lodge. Once he’s content with his home, Gaston requests that you find Freezer Fragments in order to set up his meat stall.

Follow the quest through to the end in order to unlock Gaston’s meat stall. Here you can purchase the three meat products. The stock refreshes every 24 hours, with one random meat available at an unlimited quantity for the day, while the other two are limited to 20 units.

What’s the most profitable Disney Dreamlight Valley recipe?

We’ve all heard that pumpkins are the most profitable crop in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but what’s the most profitable recipe? Well, there’s some serious debate over this, as there are lots of contributing factors.

The most important thing to consider is that, while recipes all have a base price, some sell for significantly more if you use more valuable ingredients – and, of course, most ingredients are either limited by spawns (fish, foragable ingredients), or cost money to purchase or grow.

For example, a grilled veggie platter made with three lettuces sells for only 33 gold. Three lettuce seeds cost nine gold, so you make a total profit of only 24 gold. On the other hand, a grilled veggie platter made with three pumpkins sells for 2,800 gold. Three pumpkin seeds cost 825 gold, so you make a total profit of 1,975 gold. However, note that making a grilled veggie platter with pumpkins takes a bit more effort as the auto-fill doesn’t automatically select them, so you have to scroll through your ingredients and manually drag them into the pot.

Pumpkin puffs and pumpkin soup are also community-favorites. However, they both require you investing into ingredients from Remy’s kitchen, and the pumpkin soup recipe requires ginger, which you have to gather from the Forgotten Lands. Technically, pumpkin soup with two pumpkins is the most profitable pumpkin dish – even better than the pumpkin grilled veggie platter – but for both of these recipes you are limited by foraging spawns and how many eggs, milk, and/or cheese you can buy, so if you want to make a lot of money in a short period of time, these can be limiting factors.

Beyond pumpkins, the highest profit dish in the game is the large seafood platter made with four lobsters and a lemon, netting you a profit of 6132 per dish. Similarly, many seafood dishes such as bouillabaisse, Lancetfish Paella (with two pumpkins as the vegetables), the seafood platter, and others are very high profit, too. But the main reason you don’t see these promoted regularly as a solid, money-making strategy is due to the fact that in order to gather the ingredients – i.e. lobster, lancetfish, walleye, or anglerfish – you need to rely on RNG while fishing, meaning it’s quite unreliable.

So, in short, if you’re looking for an easy way to make lots and lots of cash, we recommend planting a large field of pumpkins, then turning them into either pumpkin soup with two pumpkins if you have enough ginger, or turning them into grilled veggie platters made from three pumpkins. But, if you want to look into this further, there are plenty of threads talking about making money and the best recipes on the r/DreamlightValley sub-Reddit.

And there we have it – every Disney Dreamlight Valley recipe currently in the game. For more delightful Disney magic, check out our top picks for the best Disney games or the best Mickey Mouse games on mobile and Switch.