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Disney Mirrorverse is about to get a Cruella and unusual punishment

Disney Mirrorverse's Cruella De Vil is here, as is the God of the Underworld Hades - what a perfectly evil pair of guardians to fight with

Disney Mirrorverse Cruella De Vil key art

Who doesn’t love a villain? We certainly do, especially when a catchy song accompanies them, and it just so happens that a bad guy of this calibre is actually ready to do some good, for a change, as they head to Disney Mirrorverse kick some serious Fractured. Though, it’s a bit concerning that if this character doesn’t scare them, no evil thing will.

Yes, that’s right, it’s time for Disney Mirorrverse’s Cruella De Vil to make her debut, and she comes equipped with a sonic disruptor that’s perfect for when you need to deal with The Fractured. However, this villain isn’t alone, as the King of the Underworld, Disney Mirrorverse’s Hades, is set to join his heroic nephew Hercules.

As exciting as it is for these two iconic characters to join the roster, you can also enjoy a new event-based game mode known as rift raids, which is a social feature for alliances, so you’d best learn how to play with others. If you do, you’re in with a chance of earning some great rewards.

When is the Disney Mirrorverse update 2.0 release date?

Disney Mirrorverse update 2.0 releases today, so get out there, recruit some villains, and kick some butt in the Disney Mirrorverse rift raids game mode.

Disney Mirrorverse Hades key art

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