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Our Door Kickers: Action Squad giveaway is now over

Check your inbox to see if you're a winner

May 15, 2020 Our Door Kickers: Action Squad giveaway has now ended, and we’d like to thank everyone who participated. We’ve sent your codes out via email, so check your inbox to see if you’re one of the lucky few!

Door Kickers: Action Squad is an excellent new tactical shooter that rolls back the clock to the ’80s, when Bruce Willis was the very height of cool. You play as one of six different law enforcement officers and send them out on a wide variety of challenging missions. You can take the law into your own hands, blasting away fools with a wide variety of weapons and equipment.

You can kick doors in, throw grenades and flashbangs, and fire your weapons with great abandon. You’ll have to manage recoil, cooldowns, and ensure you have enough supplies for the challenge ahead though. Action Squad is a sequel to the original Door Kickers, which took great pride in its bevvy of tactical options. While the sequel might look sillier, it shares a lot more in common with its predecessor than you’d think.

We really liked the 2D shooter, which is evident from our Door Kickers: Action Squad review. So much so that we gave away ten codes for the shooter across iOS and Android to you, our valued readers.

We’ve dispatched the codes to the lucky winners via email, so check your inbox to see if you’ve won. If not, we’ve got a Pascal’s Wager giveaway running right now, so go ahead and try again.

If you’re still keen on playing it, you can go ahead and grab Door Kickers: Action Squad right now from the App Store or Google Play.