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New Castlevania-style Dracula: Dark Reign revives the iconic vampire

The upcoming Game Boy Color title, Dracula: Dark Reign, marks the first foray into videogames for the official StokerVerse Project.

Dracula Dark Reign release: a man running at a skeleton in a pixel-art game

The year is 2023, and there’s a new GameBoy Color game releasing soon. No, we’re not kidding. Dracula: Dark Reign releases next year on the vintage console, bringing Bram Stoker’s works back to the forefront. Stoker would be proud, I guess. If he knew what video games were.

Dracula: Dark Reign is the first StokerVerse video game, will release on physical cartridge, and is currently slated for 2024. Incube8 has a page for the game where you can sign up for pre-order notifications. There’s also a link to a demo, though it doesn’t appear to be live just yet.

Now, the $59.99 price tag may seem a bit steep, but you get some fancy extras on top of the modern-day GBC game. This includes cartridge boxes and protectors, stickers, an instruction booklet, and more – confirmation of all the bonuses comes closer to release.

Here’s something you may not know, the StokerVerse project is an official creation by Dacre Stoker – Bram’s great-grandnephew – and Chris McAuley. The project involves novels, comics, and now games bringing life back to Bram Stoker’s classic works and building on them.

Not only is there an actual Stoker involved, but leading development is Spacebot Interactive – known for Dragonyhmm, another upcoming Game Boy Color title – so we know it’s in good hands.

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This game is sure to be a hit with fans of classic literature, as it has a prologue based on Bram Stoker’s actual personal notes, bringing new elements and information never seen before. This then leads on to the game, where you as Jonathan Harker must escape from Dracula after discovering the vampire’s secrets.

The game itself is a Castlevania-style exploration and action game, woven with prominent storytelling from Stoker’s absolute classic Dracula. There’s plenty of lore to discover as you work your way through the belly of Castle Dracula.

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