Dragon Ball: The Breakers beta and pre-registration – how to sign up

Sign up for the Dragon Ball: The Breakers beta today, to be a part of this exciting new asymmetrical survival experience starring Bulma and Oolong

Dragon Ball: the breakers beta; a Raider laughing menacingly

Have you ever looked at asymmetrical survival games like Dead By Daylight and thought ‘hmm, needs more Dragon Ball’? Well, you’re in luck, because Dragon Ball: The Breakers is here to fix that problem. Bandai Namco’s upcoming 1-v-7 action game is putting a unique spin on the asymmetrical formula, with a lot of familiar faces from the popular series, and with a closed beta on the horizon, the hype is real.

So, what kind of gameplay can you expect to see in Dragon Ball: The Breakers beta? Well, it’s either break free or be broken. Stuck in a temporal seam, seven ordinary survivors must collect different upgrades, weapons, and vehicles as they traverse the map in search of a time machine. Of course, it’s not going to be easy, as one player will also take the role of a powerful, villainous Raider, who grows stronger by the second.

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When is the Dragon Ball: The Breakers beta?

While the Dragon Ball the Breakers beta has already been and gone, there’s a new closed network test opportunity for those who want to get into the game before its October release date. The closed network test is set to take place in early August, but there’s no official word on how to take part yet, so be sure to bookmark this page for the freshest information.

Times and dates for the Dragon Ball The Breakers closed network test in early august

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is coming soon to PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. If you can’t wait, check out our list of the best battle royale games to find something to play in the meantime.