Dragon Quest Treasures release date – someone use hastaga

Explore the world of Dragon Quest Xi once again on an epic journey for treasure with a young Erik and Mia, so when is the Dragon Quest Treasures release date?

Erik and Mia in the Dragon Quest Treasures trailer, looking wide eyed up at the camera.

Dragon Quest is 36 years old, which means Square Enix is celebrating. It recently revealed the first trailer for Dragon Quest Treasures, a spin-off from Dragon Quest XI featuring Erik and Mia from the game, but much younger. While we don’t know too much about it, it seems from the trailer that the pair will hunt for treasure, with some flying aspects possibly involved.

It’s over a year since Square Enix first announced the game so where is the Dragon Quest Treasures release date? Well, thanks to today’s Nintendo Direct Mini, we know that Dragon Quest Treasures id definitely heading to Nintendo Switch, and fans will once again be exploring this wonderful world on December 9, 2022. 

Finally, in the recent Nintendo Direct Mini Nintendo and Square Enix lifted the lid on Dragon Quest Treasures gameplay and revealed footage, including Erik and Mia exploring the world, assembling a team with several creatures, and hunting for treasure. It almost brings to mind the Dragon Quest Joker series by building a team of loveable bad guys, but we hope the treasure hunting gives it an added twist.

You can check out the first Dragon Quest Treasures trailer below.

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Dragon Quest Treasures release date speculation

Dragon Quest Treasures is confirmed to release for Nintendo Switch on December 9, 2022. You can watch the latest Nintendo Direct Mini below for more footage from the upcoming title.

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