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Mages collide in Dragonheir: Silent Gods’ Dungeons and Dragons collab

Dragonheir: Silent Gods’ Dungeons and Dragons crossover event enters its second phase, raising old conflicts from their graves (literally).

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Dungeons and Dragons: Sammaster conjuring an evil spell, outlined in white and pasted on some blurred purple-toned key art

Two massive fantasy realms are colliding once more as the second phase of Dragonheir: Silent Gods’ Dungeons and Dragons collaboration begins. Phase two introduces the powerful mages Sammaster and Elminster Aumar from Wizard of the Coast’s iconic TTRPG world.

While DnD is famous for its character creation, the decades-old RPG also has its fair share of fan-favorite canon characters, two of which now appear in Dragonheir: Silent Gods for you to meet and potentially even recruit. Sammaster, who was once Elminster Aumar’s student, threatens the multiverse with his dangerous necromancy magic, so you must build a strong team to take him on in the most challenging boss fight yet.

As you get to know more about Faerûn’s history and lore, you’ll also uncover new multi-phase combat mechanics, so make sure you brush up on your tactics game skills. Of course, any worthwhile seasonal event comes with its fair share of rewards, so look forward to grabbing a fresh skin for your arcane dice, as well as the ‘A Guide to Magic by Elminster’ artifact. If you visit our Dragonheir: Silent Gods codes page, you might just find some loot there too…

SGRA Studio said, “We look forward to embarking on a brand new adventure in our collaboration with Dungeons and Dragons. Our goal with this partnership is to create an immersive experience that allows every player to team up with and fight alongside iconic Dungeons and Dragons characters, engaging in strategic combat on a whole new level!”

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