Dragonheir: Silent Gods busts onto mobile this fall

Set out on a new fantasy adventure when the Dragonheir: Silent Gods release date rolls around, and nab some pre-release goodies in a packed event.

Dragonheir Silent Gods release date: a battlefield with a dragon and soldiers against it

We now have the Dragonheir: Silent Gods release date, and it’s not long before we can jump into the action of this open-world game and fall into a new fantasy story coming to mobile platforms very soon.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods releases on Android, iOS, and PC on September 19, 2023. You can pre-register now to gain extra summons and access to the Otherworld Horn event, where special summoning power lies.

The fantastical Otherworld Horn event is taking place on the Dragonheir Pre-Gift App, available now on iOS, Android, and the web. This event grants summons to get even more characters from the gacha system upon launch, carrying over to the beta and full game.

The first legendary hero we meet is Sutha, available as a summonable unit, who is an orc warrior boasting plenty of power. There are over 200 characters coming at launch, including a frost troll and a young girl bursting with mysterious magic powers.

Dragonheir is a high-fantasy RPG set in an open-world game, with strategy elements coming into play. It comes from Nuverse and SGRA Studio as publisher and developer, known for their work on Marvel Snap. There’s a hefty PvE side to the game too, available across all platforms so you and your friends can work together to save the kingdom.

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Located in Adenthia, your new quest will see you explore many dimensions as you search for ancient powers to drive back the draconic evil swooping into the land. You’ve got four classes to pick from including warrior, thief, scholar, and performer. Don’t worry, your character is fully customizable in terms of looks and skill attributes.

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