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Dredge DLC promises a new lick of paint for your rusty old boat

Waves of Dredge DLC are coming throughout 2023 to give you more ways to play the horror fishing game, including a way to remove the terror altogether.

Screenshot from animated Dredge trailer for Dredge DLC news with a terrifying fish in the middle of the screen

Following a successful launch, Black Salt Games shared a roadmap for some upcoming Dredge DLC. There’s plenty planned for this fearsome fishing simulator in the next twelve months, including more story content, a way to change up the look of your boat, and the much-requested passive mode, making the denizens of the deep much friendlier and less likely to drive you insane.

With updates planned for each quarter of the year, we’re excited to get back in the boat and traverse the dangerous seas – or not so dangerous, once passive mode arrives. The other freebie content updates include a photo mode, so you can take dazzling snaps of your dilapidated vessel, as well as introducing a feature where you can repaint your boat.

All the new content wraps up with a paid DLC offering scheduled to arrive at the end of 2023. This fresh addition to the store delves into the lore of the Ironhaven Corporation, a mysterious group some islanders mention in the base game. Exactly what plays out is still a mystery, but if we know Dredge like we think we do, you can bet that there’s something dark at the heart of whatever is going on.

In terms of quality of life improvements, the first update is set to add markers to the Dredge map, so you can make a note of places you need to return to or want to investigate with ease. Combined with the passive mode, these new updates mean you can play Dredge as the horror title the developers intended, or in a new way, as a quaint little fishing sim without the threat of gargantuan sea monsters. I, for one, am looking forward to a bit of night-fishing without an overwhelming sense of dread.

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