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Dredge: The Iron Rig promises more maritime misery this summer

We’ve finally got a Dredge: The Iron Rig release date, with a cryptic trailer hinting at more haunting adventures on the high seas.

Screenshot of the evil looking scientist from the Dredge: The Iron Rig release date trailer

It looks like we’re headed back out to sea, with the Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2024 revealing the much anticipated Dredge: The Iron Rig release date. If you thought the original game was dark, this expansion seems to be turning up the dial on just how much worse things can get at sea.

While we didn’t see any gameplay in the new release date trailer, the short clip definitely set the tone, with the cursed captain protagonist making repeat visits to the titular iron rig that seems to be under the control of the mysterious Ironhaven Corporation. On arrival, the ship drops its cargo, which is taken off to a science lab. There, a nefarious-looking scientist is conducting some pretty concerning experiments with the cursed fish of Dredge’s waters. As with most of Dredge’s NPCs, we’ve got a feeling he’s up to no good.

For those who don’t know, Dredge is one of our favorite fishing games on Switch, offering a daunting horror twist on the usually laid-back genre. It was also one of the most popular indie titles of 2023, leading to additional content in the form of the Blackstone Key and The Pale Reach add-ons. There are rumors that this might be the last DLC offering from developer Black Salt Games for Dredge, so we’re sure it’s planning on going out with a bang.

When is the Dredge: The Iron Rig release date?

The official Dredge: The Iron Rig release date is coming on August 15, 2024. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any word of how much the DLC might cost during the trailer, but we’re sure we’ll find out from Black Salt Games before long. For a little more context on what to expect when the release date rolls around, check out the trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

There you have it, the Dredge: The Iron Rig release date. If you’re not feeling all the doom and gloom of Dredge, check out our best motorbike games and car games guides to find something a little less daunting and on dry land. Or, see our Summer Game Fest 2024 roundup for all the latest from this year’s event.