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The best motorbike games 2024

Our guide to motorbike games is sure to have something that revs your engine. We’re going full throttle in our quest to find some wheely good titles.

Motorbike games: Luigi appears on a motorbike, jumping into the air

Do you love motorbikes? Do you love games? Well, join us on the highway to hell as we put together our thrilling guide to the best motorbike games on Switch and mobile. No, we’re not torquing the mick. We’re going the whole hog and putting together a triumph of a guide sure to please even the biggest petrol-headed players out there.

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Alright bikers, it’s time to pop a wheely into our list of the best motorbike games on Switch and mobile.

Motorbike games: a series of Yoshis ride on bikes

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 

Alright, give me a break (or brake if you will). I’m well aware this is mostly a karting game, it even has kart in the name! However, ever since Mario Kart Wii, Mario’s motoring escapades have included a new vehicle class, our beloved motorbikes.

Featuring a different turning circle to karts, bikes are tricky to master but are often capable of higher acceleration or speed. It’s likely you’ll get overtaken by a few bikes when playing online!

Motorbike games: a bike rides down a hillside

Descenders – Switch and mobile 

Sometimes simple is better. Descenders is all about descending (surprising, I know), as you control a motorbike careening down a large mountain, hillside, or various other vertically challenged obstacles. All you have to do is hold on for dear life and eventually use momentum to pull off some amazing biking tricks.

Descenders is intimidating, but it has a unique sense of speed and an exhilarating learning curve. Prepare to eat dirt for quite some time before you get the knack, but even those first few simple tricks make you feel like Evil Knievel.

Motorbike games: a motocross bike jumps over a dirt mound

Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame – Switch and mobile 

A great approximation of the beloved sport motocross, Monster Energy Supercross is a great conversion of the title available on more powerful consoles. It manages to squeeze the entire game onto Switch and mobile, keeping the iconic tracks, the mud-filled mayhem, and a consistent framerate between docked and handheld on Nintendo.

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There is a huge amount of customization for you to find as well, as the title rewards your time with countless ways to brighten up your bike, helmet, and beyond. However, the lack of multiplayer modes is a bit sad omission that we hope to see rectified in the future.

Motorbike games: a motorbike veers around a sharp corner

MotoGP 22 – Switch and mobile 

Possibly the flagship motorbike series on consoles, MotoGP has several iterations on Nintendo Switch and mobile, and luckily the latest is by far the greatest. While the ports come with the usual graphical caveats, MotoGP 22 runs smoothly and features several familiar and iconic tracks that fans of the sport will recognize.

The gameplay is tough as it favors realism over anything else, but die-hard fans of the sport are bound to love a chance to take their biking skill on the go. If you’ve got a need speed, this one has you covered.

Motorbike games: a 2d shot shows several bikes jumping over ramps

Trials Rising – Switch 

Time for something much sillier, as the Trials series are physics-based platformers with a biking twist. A difficult series that demands precision, explore levels all around the globe, and launch your biker into the beyond in the hopes of pulling off tricks and staying upright.

Levels are short and focus on you nailing the perfect run, so this entry is a great way to kill a few minutes, or just while away an evening when you’ve run out of energy to really focus on things. The realistic physics also make the game feel super satisfying, so it feels incredible when you finally pull off the perfect trick.

Motorbike games: a hydro-jet travels across water at high speed

RiptideGP Renegade – Switch and mobile 

While it may swap out a motorbike for a hydro-jet, Riptide GP Renegade is a motorbike game in spirit and has a lot of the energy and breakneck speed fans want. A mixture of Wave Race and F-Zero, you race around futuristic rivers and canals while pulling off tricks and admiring realistic water physics.

A pounding soundtrack elevates the experience into heart-thumping ecstasy, and the addition of online and local multiplayer modes is a huge bonus. There are even plenty of customization options to unlock, so for anyone looking for a motorbike experience with a twist, be sure to give Riptide GP a chance.

Motorbike games: a small man on a motorbike drives down a colourful track

Joe Danger Remastered – mobile 

The story behind Joe Danger is a touching one, as the Hello Games series (yes, the No Man’s Sky creators) originally hit iOS devices nearly a decade ago, but became incompatible with later iterations of iPhone. However, in a touching story shared by Hello Games’ Sean Murray on Twitter, the team recently resurrected the titles thanks to a message from a dedicated father, who bonded with his autistic son over a love for the Joe Danger games.

Well, it’s worth it, as the Joe Danger titles – Joe Danger and Joe Danger Infinity – are simple but surprisingly addictive one-touch endless runners that combine charm and sharp physics to perfection. With spiffy new visuals and devoid of any annoying micro-transactions that often plague modern releases, both Joe Danger titles are incredible arcade-like experiences that exemplify the best of what mobile titles can do.

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Well, bye-bye bikers, as that’s all for our best motorbike games guide for now. If we’re missing your favorite, then be sure to get in touch with us (nicely) over at the Pocket Tactics Facebook account. If you need even more great guides though, be sure to check out our articles on the best Marvel games and baseball games next.